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112 the minnesota review D. E. Steward June String theory from particle physics matter from soUd state They Uved in the French concession in Shanghai, her great grandfather went to university in France and came home to run the Shanghai branch of a French bank, her grandfather to Hong Kong after the Liberation, her father and mother stayed. Relatives in New Jersey, Belgium, Japan Atlantic barrow culture schemes The doctor spoke deUberately about his health, mentioned that we probably would never meet again, shook hands and said goodbye, died within the season Congo pink is a greyish reddish orange that is redder and Ughter, and stronger than Etruscan red or hyacinth red and deeper than Persian melon To disassociate and attack, tropisms of personal failure "How much sweeter the strawberries are at home in Egypt!" String theory is so mercurial now that it is the mathematicians who do best with it and the physicists have to flail away just to keep up Histrionics and apparencies Mikado, a strong to vivid reddish orange No wonder so many creative writing teacher writers are restrained, suspicious, conservative, they're eking out a Uving in a closed shop Wake up to the world, another day of dogs thrown from car windows, outgrown pets abandoned by the side of the road, lab animals tortured by protocol We are all alike as the feral calico cat sleeping a winter night on the engine block butchered in the morning by the fan Meat 113 Another doubtful story related earnestly by a stranger: A Queensland beach with her Chihuahua wobbling along beside, a pelican pouching it on a pass, off to suffocation, a heart attack, or a jettisoning down the strand Persian melon is a grayish reddish orange that is redder and Ughter than Etruscan red or hyacinth red and redder and paler than light persimmon Personable, if a bit overtalkative You carry a boulder only to drop it on your feet Whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall into it Pumpkin, a strong orange that is Ughter than mandarin orange, redder, less strong, and slightly darker than Princeton orange, redder and duller than cadmium orange, and redder and deeper than cadmium yeUow In the boom rush modernizing post-1945, things disappeared forever. The working team of the farm up the road, no more whinnies and fetlock flourishes, steel-shod clopping. The kerosene lamps of the last houses to get power, so no more soft, puzzling Ught in the windows, rattle pane paint peeling mulUons, quiet old people looking out, their faces gone now, gone Light Uke candles directly and with the wisdom of their experience but in profound innocence. Whose lives were closer to Antietam than to Vietnam ANTIETAM ATIETNAM AIETNAM VIETNAM Spice is a brownish orange redder and duller than leather, stronger, slightly redder, and darker than gold pheasant, and slightly redder and darker than prairie brown, Windsor tan, Titian, or amber brown Under military discipUne time does not matter, existence is years, months, then finaUy weeks. From induction on, everything is concentric circles of hopelessness, the center of the target on your back being the stockade or brig QuixoticaUy, from his usual tropistic know-nothing confidence, he supports mandatory testing while stiU deriding AIDS awareness as hysteria With forty percent after seven years now, over time ninety percent of seropositives wiU likely become symptomatics 114 the minnesota review Perhaps nearly half of Africa wiU die and perhaps a quarter of all people in the world before we are done with it The occasion of the year 2000 will be doom-ridden and apocalyptic rather than a joyous millenary affirmation of humanity Death wiU be everywhere Back to CivU War medicine, hold the patient's hand as he dies because there is nothing else to be done Perhaps nearly half of Africa will die and perhaps a quarter of all the people in the world before we are done with it Sao Paulo is the third most intense concentration of the virus, so abysmal catastrophe for Brazil before the century is out And then there is India Cadmium yeUow is defined as a strong orange that is yeUower and paler than pumpkin, yeUower, less strong, and sUghtly...


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