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67 Michelle M. Tokarczyk 44WeIl Tonight Thank God It's Them Instead of You"* I Your hair to the shoulders wiU not wave; polyester flowers fade in another soaking. Coffee in the thermos hours old aches the shoulder. Blunted heels cUck to classified ads agency blocks. Jobs crossed out one by one. Find your spot in Welfare. You are different from aU the other spots— younger, brighter, whiter. Present your resources: empty bankbook, cum laude B.?.. Clutch your arms across your breasts that heave knowing eyes assess tight flesh, face yet unlined, comb terminal stations for eyes you can no longer hide. Remember your difference as you grope for bottles under sweat-soaked bed. Limbs ache awake without work 68 the minnesota review The cabinet opens to a jar of rice; the mailbox opens to no check. The cabinet opens to an empty jar slams to the hands blocking tears from cracked walls. II But this year December's wind will not crack the corners of your eyes. This year's slush will not seep into your feet. You wiU run with a white silk dress shielded in plastic past a ragged woman feet wrapped in plastic as she calls "Hey, watch it, watch it your dress is draggin' gettin' dirty." ?From the Song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" ...


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