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56 Bruce Andrews a I AM YOUR PROBLEM'' I am your problem. Stardust & spoonfed mau mau phlegm, id on sleeve—that's what happens; they develop their movement styles instead of their ideas: adolescent sincerity. Ya basta... do los Republicanos—priest sits on dingy linoleum that, of course, includes prohibitions against massacre mommy, laudramat ate my homework! Topless party pizza pie tin, dissolve your own blood clots fast, clean & safe intelligence... you don't eat red ants, I can't have a child. Theater means, no beat: higher primates; the heroic homos, pretty cocoa. Vote early & vote often, natchos without guilt—Cinzano's practical stylists. Holly Near is boring; Uncle Tom, Uncle Remus & Uncle Sam— religion = drug substitute. Liberace's accent. White settlers high on rig, brillo pads between your ears' white teens. Order is the best disorder; joggers, bite my tuna! Skid squat artificializes the hierarchy—I'm not only flexible, I'm a wall flower; you are time's employee—time should be your employee return to steam skilled panther' gyro—devil wants the crutches. Strange symptoms is the fish-hatchery lite beer causes hernia does not flow from the facts = you're sick, now I can't fuck you. Imperialism works hard for a living. Does the Pope shit on the bear? Topic. People in stores dipole, rabbit ears, or a thin wire sticking out your butt which broadcasts brainwaves funes—I taste floor; winter fat keeps you healthy. My ambition is creating expectations & needs (about public responsiveness) that are disappointed— leading to disappointment; I passed out in the choir loft & fell into the organ pit— you're uncomfortable & they sense it & they fuck you over. Teeny weenies—moodiness blows. ? don't give a shit what happens,' said the President of the United States. Sprinklers of the lord, I touch the lamb. Immigrants with frightwigs pull verb out of manure; I myself will try to devise an acceptable formula for the West Bank—testify itself revising prose with guns, a fistful of gluteal overkill thrashabilly. Co-op the planet, cooties, you make me feel 57 cheap eating Nazi soup. Flip is dub-wise sentiment is double dutch human pigeons. Chase my tail in my studied steam extracts penis sports tonic factoids at Danceteria wipe out sworn enemies. Single-family homes helped intensify, in turn, the isolation and separation of individual families from their class & community ties. They can poison us & get away with itMister Softee slow on broadloom brain, mishap, mau mau, marzipan "mobbed up"— religious fanatic says he will not build nuclear weapons. We consume what we produce, they consume what we produce, he, she or it consumes what we produce. Lawrence WeIk, freaky freaky, herbs look like weeds that's why I like them; if they're not on your train, then you're derailed: the associated blind. They say cutback! , we say payback! Struts in the sling, sash of cocoon rattles—kneecap surgery for economic development wet your pants. Hong Kong is built for laughs—dayglow abortions, you think rice is rice dehydrated post-hydrogenous sterno: drink electricity. Sensational fallguy. Concentrated isopropyl sticks attend a 69, digital clock on the moon: use your tail like a paddle. Clubfoot—chivalry dies. (A) 1,000,000 in Coney Island; (B) Dems endorse Israel war aims. Lilac fumigation sale pitch jock straps as door stops—the moon makes you feel advanced. If everything has to change, then we have to be aware of everything. Go to seed—go vegetable; sufferin' succotash, I looked around & it was Abraham Lincoln! Humidity derails the executioner and his lipstick antiperspirant novocaines my identity—'cry to hear folks chatter'. How many do we have to milk bleed for less money? I'd prefer monkey babble, but I'll settle for human prose; 80s is the decade of bodily abuse. ...


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