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Binning 21 Sadhu Binning The First Encounter the sign which says 'no help wanted' was missing from the door gathering all the courage i walked in my looks and my English told her that i was new in the country the way she spoke to me reminded me of the threatening tone of our Brahmin headmaster still i forced my eyes to excavate her face in search of a smile no matter how hard i tried to speak clearly she still said loudly 'pardon me' making me repeat everything she handed me an application form pointing to different lines on the paper issued commands name, address, date, skills and she put special emphasis on the Canadian experience for the first time in my life i reaUy beUeved the stories told by the old retired soldier of our village how the white army officers issued order and mad soldiers shiver in fear by the time i finished the form somehow i knew of my zero chances of getting that job still it didn't bother me too much i just wanted to get out of the place ...


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