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Worozbyt 7 Errata "For Your Sins" was printed with an error in 30/31 Spring 1988. We reprint it here correctly, with our apologies to Theodore Worozbyt, Jr. , and to our readers. Theodore Worozbyt, Jr. For Your Sins 1 This is not for you, no, or any others like you. You will not recognize what this is, what you have done. Last night I fell into a slim ditch full of muddy water. I lost my balance with a three-piece charcoal pinstripe wrapped around my body. A redneck from Douglas County took a chromed steel rod with leather at the base, leather like the base of the gear-shift of a sports car, maybe a Corvette like the one you drove, and he drove it with a Ball-Peen hammer harder and harder like a thick nail into the side of my head until I could not stand to run. I was out of myself, in the air, watching this pummelling until Ifell back from the sky His gang was laughing, even the one woman I took to be his old lady, and he said to me, from a face I have seen a thousand times and never seen, 'You don't talk that way in Douglas County, boy. ' And I had not yet spoken a single word. ...


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