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Stein 31 Julia Stein Let Your Courage Let your courage be my courage let me remember the Jewish women ghetto fighters, in Warsaw, Bialystok, Kovno, all the ghettos, teenage girls, mothers of the ghetto, mothers of hope, send a letter to Zuviva, they said, Zuviva, the mother of the Warsaw ghetto resistance, the hope for Polish Jewry, your every day was an act of courage, let me remember you were couriers who crossed outside the ghetto, smuggled guns into the ghetto, pulled people out of the line waiting for deportation, led people out of the ghetto through the sewers, planned uprisings hidden in bunkers, at the moment of revolt started to shoot, fought to your last bullet, fled from the burning ghetto into the forests to join the partisans, let me remember the Jewish women partisans, in Russia, Poland, Italy, Holland, all over Europe the women I love the most, let me remember you stood in the forest beside your male comrades to have your photo taken, got a job as a secretary to the SS head in Marseilles to spy, parachuted into occupied Europe, blew up German trains, shot down German soldiers, let me remember the women fighters in death camps, Charlotte Eisenblatter and Olga Benario, the all women's 32 the minnesota review resistance group at Ravensbruck concentration camp the women at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau let me remember you stopped women from killing themselves, hid the sick from being selected for gassing, stole food for them, smuggled babies out of the camps, smuggled photos of the gas chambers out to tell the world, let me remember Masha arrived at Treblinka with the Warsaw ghetto fighters, lightning rod of inspiration for the Treblinka revolt, let me remember Rosa led the Jewish women in the factories at Auschwitz in smuggling ammunition to blow up the gas chambers let me remember the women fought in the revolts at Treblinka and Sobibor, burned down two out of the six death camps, escaped into the forests, for the nameless ones of the resistance for the named ones: Zuviva, Charlotte, Olga, Masha, Rosa I remember let your courage be my courage Stein 33 Julia Stein A Happy Kid In the college-bound classes at school, I lost all my friends the poor kids in the other classes ignored me, the rich kids in my classes wouldn't speak to me, I'd eat my tuna fish sandwich alone overhearing conversations about Things I didn't have, would never have, summer camp, a country club, cashmere sweaters, I asked my mother for a cashmere sweater, she said we didn't have the money, said, iron to make money, 5 cents a shirt, I ironed tens of my father's shirts, it was never enough money, the rich kids in my classes talked about their parties I was never invited to, I forgot I ever had friends, I didn't understand then: we were in training for Life, the poor kids for assembly lines, the rich kids for college, I was a freak between both of them in training for a Life making me forget my childhood, even I can remember, when I got to stay up late for my daddy's party, he told jokes to his friends from the postal clerks' union, everybody laughed, when I visited my uncle and his three roommates, machinist apprentices, I played poker with them, when my parents took me to visit my cousin Stevie in jail for armed robbery, 34 the minnesota review Daddy stopped at the deli to buy all those treats we usually couldn't afford, pastrami and corned beef, at the jail we'd picnic with Stevie on the grass, I was a girl in my own cops 'n robbers show, when I ran with the gang in the alleys of Brooklyn, screaming, playing stoopball, all day the sun blasting, I had so many friends, I remember it all, I was a happy kid. Stein 35 Julia Stein The Triangle Fire After the company's scabs beat the strikers the girls returned, defeated, the Triangle factory had locked doors, the fire escapes didn't work, the girls were locked in, no...


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