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172 the minnesota review CONTRIBUTORS KERRY AHEARN teaches at Oregon State University. He has spent two years in Kenya as a Peace Corps Volunteer and two more in Ghana on a Fullbright. PATRICIA ALDEN teaches literature at St. Lawrence University and chairs the "Marxism and Literature" section ofthe Northeast MLA. PETER BRICKLEBANK has recent and forthcoming reviews and fiction in Carolina Quarterly, Descant, and Alaska Quarterly Review. He teaches English in New York City. For information on TADEUSZ BOROWSKI, see the biographical note which introduces his story; ADDISON BROSS, Borowski's translator, teaches English at Lehigh University. DEBRA BRUCE teachesat Northeastem Illinois University. Her book, Pure Daughter, was published last year by the University of Arkansas Press and is reviewed in this issue. "Ruthie" is DANIEL BRUDNEY'S first published work offiction; he is now on his way to the University ofChicago, to teach philosophy. MICHAEL COLE has published poems in Great River Review and Hiram Poetry Review. He is completing a chapbook in Kent, Ohio, where he works and lives. JON DAVIS, a mason by trade, iscompleting an M.F.A. at the University of Montana. His poems appear in recent issues of The Georgia Review, The Missouri Review, Stand, and Tendril. TODD GRIMSON has stories forthcoming in Gargoyle, Permafrost, and Global Tapestry Journal. He works as an interviewer in a hospital emergency room. RICHARD HALPERN is Assistant Professor of English at Yale and is writing a book on English Literature in the period ofprimitive accumulation. GARRETT KAORU HONGO teaches poetry at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and edits The Missouri Review. Yellow Light, his first book ofpoems, has just been reprinted by Wesleyan University Press. CHRISTOPHER HOWELL lives on Vashon Island, in the Puget Sound. His newest collection, Sea Change, is now available from L'Epervier Press. JOHN HUTTON is a Ph.Dcandidate in Art History at Northwestem University. JOHN HIGGINS teaches English at the University ofGeneva, where he also directs the Cultural Studies Group and is at work on a study of Raymond Williams. KAREN KIMBALL translates for the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. She and co-translator Michael Cole have translationsforthcoming in CumberlandPoetryReview. HANS LOFGRENteaches at St. Mary's College of Maryland, and is writing a book on theory and American fiction which aims to present a model of interpretation and textual change based on a reading of Capital, Vol. I, and a historicizing critiqueofpoststructuralism. OSIP MANDELSTAM (1891-1938) was first arrested in 1934 for the poem here published in translation as no. 286. A victim of Stalinist oppression, he is now widely regarded asone ofthe greatest Russian poets ofthe twentiethcentury. ROGER MITCHELL has recent and forthcoming poems in Ploughshares, Triquarterly, Ohio Review, The Pennsylvania Review, and a new book coming out this fall from Cleveland State. PETER ORESICK's most recent books are Other Lives (Adastra Press) and In a Time ofPeace (Shadow Press). TOM PAGE has poems in recent issues of North Dakota Quarterly and Cottonwood Review. FRED PFEIL's short story collection Shine On really will be out this summer; his novel Goodman 2020 really will be out early next year. REBECCA RADNER has published poems in California Quarterlyand New Letters, TheJournalofPopularCulture and TheBerkeleyPoets Cooperative. She lives in San Francisco . WG. REGIER is editor-in-chief of the University of Nebraska Press. H. PETER REINKORDT teaches German at the University ofNebraska. He and his wife Jane are completing a translation of Erwin Rohde's Des griechische Roman for the University of Nebraska Press. ROBERT ROTH lives in New YorkCity and writes fiction and social criticism. SANDRA SCOFIELD lives inJackson, Oregon and is working on a novel about the summer 1968 student strikes in Mexico City. She has a story in The Ploughshares Reader: New Fictionfor the Eighties (Pushcart Press, 1985). JAMES SCULLY'S recent books of poems are Apollo Helmet (Curbstone Press, 1984) and May Day (Minnesota Review Press, 1980). PAULA SHARP'S translation of Chilean author Antonio Skarmeta's novel, La Insurrección, was published in 1983 by Ediciones del Norte and Persea Books. She has also worked as a criminal investigator for the Jersey City Public Defender's Office, and as a translator for Amnesty International. MICHAEL SPENCE drives a...


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