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161 reviews of his generation, he did succeed — brilliantly in U.S.A. — in dramatizing the ways, subtle as well as brutal, in which history shapes the lives of individuals." Equally important for us, Rosen's study of Dos Passos shows how "The evolution (or perhaps, devolution) of his ideas epitomizes, in many ways, the difficulties, the contradictions, and ultimately the fate of radical idealism in America." DAVID PECK CONTRIBUTORS MARC ANGENOT teaches comparative literature at McGiIl University. ZOE ANGLESEY'S poetry has appeared in Vortice, Another Chicago Magazine, and Chorno Uri, among others. She lives in Manhattan and teaches at New York University. PATRICK BEAL lives in Austin, Texas, where he writes movie and art reviews, film scripts, and fiction . He is working on a novel and a book on recent conspiracy movies. PAUL BUHLE is a frequent contributor to The Nation and other left periodicals. A contributing editor of mr, he is finishing a book on C.L.R. James. JIM DANIELS edits Break Time and has published a chapbook, On the Line, with Signpost Press. During 1981-82 he was writer in residence at Carnegie-Mellon University. RICHARD DANIELS' essays have appeared in Chaucer Review and other scholarly publications. He teaches science fiction and is working on an essay on utopias as well as on a book on The Canterbury Tales. C. CHRISTINE DEAVEL has written for the Industrial Worker; her poems have appeared in Iowa Idea. BRENDA DEMARTINI has published poetry in Three Rivers Poetry Journal. Her editorial expertise at The Missouri Review has gone unnoticed for too long. Recent work by MARK DOTY has appeared in New England Review and Mississippi Review. His book, The Empire ofSummer, is available from Thunder City Press. DANIEL FINEMAN's life has recently been much brightened by his being granted promotion and tenure by Occidental College, where he teaches American literature. His essay on parody appeared in mr NS 18. SUSAN FOX's poetry has been published in Chicago Review, TheParis Review, Marxist Perspectives, and The New York Times. She teaches at Queens College. ROGER GAESS's anthology, Leaving the Bough, was recently published by International Publishers. He is currently putting together a book on New York baseball teams of the 40s and 50s composed largely of interviews with players from that era. JAY GROVERROGOFF has published poetry in a number of contemporary journals, including Alembic, Stand, and boundary 2; he is the recipient of two Academy of American Poets Awards and the Delmore Schwartz Poetry Prize. HUNT HAWKINS' poems have been a frequent feature of mr. He is on the English faculty at Florida State University. M. L. HESTER has been publishing poetry, fiction, and reviews in a variety of little magazines and academic journals for the past eight years, has worked as a musician and manual laborer, and has recently completed some genre fiction for a commercial publishing house (name withheld on request). JONATHAN HOLDEN teaches English at Kansas State University. CHRISTOPHER HOWELL is an editor of Curbstone Press and a fine poet. He has other accomplishments to his credit but is too modest to speak about them. HAROLD JAFFE is the author of Mole's Pity and Mourning Crazy Horse. He currently teaches at San Diego State University. DAVID KELLER, in his own words, "owes a lot to the people at the Extension Diner in Trenton, NJ." NADIA KHOURI teaches at McGiIl University. D. L. KLAUCK was recently paroled and is living in isolation in Pennsylvania. ELIZABETH MCBRIDE is a graduate student in creative writing at the University of Houston and is, apparently , happy to be there. TANIA MODLESKI teaches in the English department at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. MICHAEL MUNDHENK has been a prolific translator of poetry and essays from the German. The translation of Bodo Morshäuser are taken from Alle Tage, published in 1979 by the Rotbuch Verlag of Berlin. JAMES OLNEY's books include Metaphors ofSelfand The Rhizomeand the Flower. He lives with his wife and son in Durham, NC and was recently the recipient ofa Guggenheim Fellowship as well as an appointment to the National Humanities Center in Chapel Hill. DAVID PECK teaches English at CaI State-Long Beach...


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