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44 the minnesota review William Silver Weights and Values (The Griffith-Paret Fight) "Emile Griffith regained the welterweight title by knocking out Benny Paret in the twelfth round in Madison Square Garden. Paret died as a result of injuries received in this bout." — from J.V. Grombach, The Saga of the Fist Out of the Covenant Saturday comes to us. Out of water comes fiber and soup for the dead of winter. Out of our working lives we come to be fattened and to let the subway whine pass under the river. It is March, 1962. The leather seats sigh, softened by the oils of all of us. Our waiter leers and claps together two hanging salamis and sings "Cinque," meaning five rounds. Tonight he is wrong. Tonight all our guesses are dirty with hope, like the boasts behind the matron's back. No grace needed for the meal. The t.v. sheds its sultry light on the rich air, the air holds still like a soul over the compact luncheonette. Griffith and Paret, two shades of brown and broken equally from the motherland, beat the earth back into each other, one better than the other. 45 silver The way back is quick. Knees planted on the mat, Paret begins the last gliding prayer into darkness and falls, a soft relief. It is March, 1962. A son has been offered and taken. Our palms are salty with fear, our temples burn, light-headed with fascination. PR4XIS Praxis #6: Art and Ideology (Part 2) Michel Pecheux, Language, Ideology and Discourse Analysis: An Overview Douglas Kellner, Television, Mythology and Ritual Nicos Hadjinicolaou, On the Ideology of Avant-Gardism Kenneth Coutts-Smith, Postbourgeois Ideology and Visual Culture Marc Zimmerman, Francois Perus and Latin American Modernism: The Interventions of Althusser Fred Lonidier, "The Health and Safety Game" (Visual Feature) Forthcoming issues: Praxis #7: Antonio GramsciPraxis #8 Weimar and After Single copy: $4.95 Subscription (2 issues): $8.00 Make checks payable to "the Renents of the University of California" Praxis. Dickson Art Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA ...


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