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5 taylor Alexander Taylor Found Poem/Lost Art Isamu Noguchi's "Shinto" was removed by a Wall Street bank from its lobby ceiling, cut into pieces, carted off — Mr. Herschel, the Vice-President, one of the dapper ones who would deduct an hour's meditation as a business loss, explained: "It was beautiful but many people thought it threatening, unsafe. We love Noguchi. After all, we're a Japanese bank, but there have been too many negative comments the past few years." Said Isamu: "They're vandals." 6 the minnesota review Alexander Taylor For Arlene Convalescing Not exactly Juliet, you took the plunge — into the Mount Hope River, with the whole crumbling balcony. Jim had lit a cigarette, took the first puff standing neck-deep in black water. At the time it wasn't funny. A constellation of people tumbling into the rock-humped river. Now with your leg propped up you laugh at the ridiculous horror, relieved that at least no one was killed. I chuckle too, imagining you and Jim, heads craned up at first like startled partridges; then you turn to help, and tie a bandage or a make-shift splint. That's the way of the world — One day you walk out on the porch and it isn't there. But that doesn't stop the irrepressible chuckle and sigh over our absurd vulnerability. 7 taylor Anyway, Arlene, the room grows warm with laughter as like cats we lick our wounds, take stock of our remaining lives. This I know: You wind tight the heart's terrible spring, still ready to take on injustice at the nearest streetcorner. Because you laugh, because your tears turn into fists and hammers, all our buildings grow more sound. ...


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