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50 THE MINNESOTA REVIEW DAVID PECK THE NEW MARXIST CRITICISM: A BIBLIOGRAPHY, III This is the third and probably the last installment of ''The New Marxist Criticism" bibliography. Since the second listingin 1976 (the first appeared in 1974), this whole field of the Marxist approach to literature and culture has grown immensely. New journals continue to appear, while olderjournals now carry Marxist analyses as a matter of course, or devote whole special issues to Marxist perspectives. (See sections D. and E. below.) As section A. indicates, we have even begun to spawn our own bibliographical guides, which makes the present one less necessary. This third installment again covers work available in English and is alphabetical within sections. I have cut out the "Sources of Marxist Criticism" section because we are today more and more applying Marxist theory rather than recovering it, but the other headings (B. 20th Century European, and C. Contemporary American Marxist Criticism) remain the same. As in the past, my standard for selection has mainly been self-definition, and I have included whatever criticism called itself Marxist along the everwidening spectrum of today's forms. I would here like to thank Roger Mitchell, the editor of TheMinnesotaReview (on leave in England), for his continuing support of this project. journal abbreviations CE (College English)NLR (New LeftReview) MR (The MinnesotaReview)RT(Radical Teacher) NGC(New German Critique) A. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL TOOLS 1.AIMS Newsletter. Bimonthly listing of books, articles, conferences , etc., from The American Institute for Marxist Studies (20 East 30th St., NYC 10016). 2.Alternative Press Index. Quarterly "index to alternative and radical publications" from Alternative Press Centre (Baiti- PECK51 more). 3.Chris Bullock and David Peck, comps., Guide toMarxism and Literary Criticism for the Student ofEnglish (forthcoming). 4.Dan Georgakas, comp., Left Face. "A source book of radical magazines, presses, and collectives actively involved in the arts" from Cinéaste (333 Sixth Ave., NYC 10014). 5.Donald Lazare, comp., "Mass Culture, Political Consciousness , and English Studies: A Selected Bibliography," in special issue of CE, 38 (April 1977), 866-72. (See #68 below.) 6.David Peck, "The New Marxist Criticism: A Bibliography, II," MR, 7 (Fall 1976), 100-05. 7.Jack Weston, ed., "News for Educational Workers," column inAT (quarterly). B. 20TH CENTURY EUROPEAN MARXIST CRITICISM 8.Aesthetics and Politics (New Left Books, 1978; afterward by Fredric Jameson). 30s debates of Bloch, Lukacs, Brecht, Benjamin, Adorno. 9.Francis Barker, Sohhenitsyn: Politics and Form (Barnes & Noble, 1977). 10.Walter Benjamin, Reflections: Essays, Aphorisms, Autobiographical Writings (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1978). Edited with an introduction by Peter Demetz, translated by Edmund Jephcott. Includes "The Author as Producer," other essays. 11.Roger Bromley, "Natural Boundaries: the Social Function of Popular Fiction,"Red Letters, 7 (1978), 34-60. 12.Rob Burns, "Understanding Benjamin,"RedLetters, 7 (1978), 16-33. 13.Pietro Chiodi, Sartre and Marxism (Humanities Press, 1976). 14.David Craig, "Marxism and Popular Culture," in C.W.E. Bigsby, ed., Approaches to Popular Culture (Bowling Green, 1976), pp. 129-49. 15.Tony Davies, "Education, Ideology and Literature," Red Letters, 7 (1978), 4-15. 16.Regis Durand, ed., Myth and Ideology in American Culture (Universite de Lille, 1976). French critics on Pound, James, Hammett, Afro-American literature, other topics. 17.Terry Eagleton, Criticism and Ideology:A Study in Marxist Literary Theory (Humanities Press, 1976). Includes "Categories for a Materialist Criticism" and "Mutations of Critical Ideology," which originally appeared in NLR 95 (JanuaryFebruary 1976), 3-23, as "Criticism and Politics: The Work of 52 THE MINNESOTA REVIEW Raymond Williams." see rejoinder by Anthony Barnett, NLR, 99 (September-October 1976), 47-64. 18__________, Marxism andLiterary Criticism (University of California, 1976). 19__________, "Marxist Literary Criticism," in Hilda Schiff, ed., ContemporaryApproaches to English Studies (Heinemann, 1977), pp. 94-103. (See different essay with same title in #32 below.) 20__________, "Liberality and Order, the Criticism of John Bayley," NLR, 110 (July-August 1978), 29-40. 21.D.W. Fokkema and Elrud Kunne-Ibsch, Theories ofLiterature in the Twentieth Century (St. Martin's Press, 1978). See Chapter 4, "Marxist Theories of Literature," pp. 81-135. 22.Lucien Goldmann, Culture Creation in Modern Society (1971; Telos Press, 1976). Introduction by William Mayrl, six GoIdmann essays (translated by Bart Grahl), bibliography by llena...


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