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is the author of several books of poetry, most recently Cold Harbors (Latitudes). He also runs New Rivers Press and was the previous editor of this magazine. KATHLEEN WIEGNER has had her work read in church. By ministers. Most recently, her work appeared in Mountain Moving Day (Crossing), and next year Crossing will bring out her own book. Editor's Notes Whatever changes in direction MR is now taking are obvious in this issue, and yet I'm not sure where it will go. The magazine will continue to be a magazine of writing. As much as possible will be done to blur artificial distinctions between "critical" and "creative" writing or between "academic" and "non-academic" writing. Though the general perspective of the magazine will be Marxist, we shall not confine ourselves to publishing only the works of those who have visited the grave of Georg Lukacs, Which is not to say that good writing is "above" ideology. Sometimes it is not conscious of it. And sometimes ideology is blind. Apologies for the delay in getting this issue out. It was inevitable. Though I had agreed to edit the magazine in April, I wasn't able to begin work until September 1, More apologies go to those who sent things to us in April but didn't hear until October. Someday, I hope we can reduce our return period to a month. The following sent us material without stamped, self-addressed envelope ; Kenneth R. Lincoln, Robert Morris, D. Watson, T,A. Wyatt, Stuart R, Lavin (?Cairn) from Ware, Mass., P. Freyne, Susan L. Houser, Jack Kreitzer. If you want them back, send us s.a.s.e. This issue was paid for, in part, by a grant from the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines. 175 ...


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