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The Round Table NEWS from the North American Branch NAB Officers 1996-199Q (for full addresses see Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society [bbias]) President: Donald L. Hoffman (Northeastern Illinois U) Immediate Past President: Keith Busby (U of Oklahoma) Vice-President: Alan Lupack (Rochester U) Secretary-Treasurer: Joan Tasker Grimbert (Catholic U) Bibliographers: Glenda Warren Carl (Southwestern U); Rosemary Deist (U ofSan Francisco); Donald L. Hoffman (Northeastern Illinois U); Kathleen Kelly (Northeastern U); Paul V Rockwell (Amherst C) Advisory Committee: James Carley (York U); Carol Dover (Georgetown U); Elissa R. Henken (U of Georgia); Elizabeth Sklar (Wayne State U); Stephanie Cain Van d'Elden (U of Minnesota); Kevin J. Harty (LaSaIIe U); Bonnie Wheeler, Editor, Arthuriana (Southern Methodist U, ex officio) IAS Officers ipp6—ippp (forfull addresses see bbias) President: Philippe Ménard (U of Paris-Sorbonne) Honorary President (Immediate Past President): Anna Maria Finoli (U of Milan) Vice-President: Jane H.M. Taylor (St. Hilda's College, Oxford) Secretary and BBIAS Editor: Keith Busby (U of Oklahoma) Treasurer: Hans R. Runte (Dalhousie U) Back Issues »/"bbias ¿/»¿/Arthuriana: For back issues ofbbias (through v. 46/1994), contact Hans R. Runte, Dept. of French, Dalhousie U, Halifax, N.S., B3H 3J5, Canada ( For back issues starting with v. 47/1995, contact Joan Grimbert, Dept. of Modern Languages, Catholic U, Washington, DC 20064 ( Back issues siili available are vols. 25-29 (1973-77) and 31—34 (1979-82), all for $10 each; v. 36-41 (1984-89), 43 (1991), and 45-50 (1993-98) are Í15 each. All other volumes are out of print. For back issues ofArthuriana, contact Arthuriana, Box 750432, SMU, Dallas, TX 75275-0432 ( 98ARTHURIANA Your bbias Abstracts: Please submit the bibliographical details and a brief, objective account of your publications to the NAB bibliographers: i. Research in Germanic, Scandinavian, English, and Celtic studies to: Martha Blalock, School of Business, U ofWisconsin, Madison, WI 53706, USA; 2. Research in Latin and Romance studies to: Glenda W Carl, Dept. of Foreign Languages, Southwestern U, Georgetown, TX 78626, USA. Arthurian Studies at Kalamazoo: 35th International Congress on Medieval Studies. Kalamazoo, May 4-7, 2000. [For information and registration materials write to Prof. Paul Szarmach, Director, The Medieval Institute, Western Michigan U, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-3801; tel: 616-387-8745; fax: 616-387-8750; e-mail: MDVL_CONGRES@WMICH.EDU; Web Page: medieval/congress.) Minutes ofthe North American Branch (NAB) ofthe InternationalArthurian Society Business Meeting held on May 7, 1999 at 12:00 noon in Valley III 308 (Medieval Institute International Congress, Kalamazoo, MI): The meeting was called to order by D. Hoffman, presiding. The agenda as published in the Summer 1999 NAB news (Round Table section of Arthuriana 9.2) was approved with additions proposed by the Executive Advisory Committee (EAC). The reading ofthe minutes ofthe May 7, 1998 Business Meeting (as published in the Winter 1998 Round Table (Arthuriana 8.4) was waived, and the minutes were approved. Secretary-Treasurer's Report:]. Grimbert read the NAB Financial Statement for April 19, 1998—April 18, 1999, which was duly approved. Reportfrom the Nominating Committee: D. Kennedy reported that the nominees for the next three-year term of office (to begin on December 15, 1999) are: President: Alan Lupack, Vice President: Susann Samples. It was further recommended that all current members ofthe Advisory Committee be renewed for a final three-year term. All have agreed to stand for re-election. Reportfrom the Editor o/Arthuriana: 1. James Randall Leader Prize. J. Blacker announced that the recipient of this year's prize for the outstanding article in the previous year's Arthuriana was Peggy McCracken for her article "Mothers in the Grail Quest," which appeared in an issue guest-edited by N. Lacy. 2. Arthuriana. B. Wheeler reported on the state ofhealth ofthe journal, noting that it was presently subsidized both by the NAB ($25 per member) and by Southern Methodist U. Since SMUs subvention will not continue beyond next year and may even end with the close of this year, the journal will have to find an alternate means of subsistence. The Indiana University Press (IUP) has...


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