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Southeastern Geographer Vol. XXXV, No. 1, May 1995, pp. 96-97 THE FORTY-NINTH MEETING: VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA Susan R. Brooker-Gross The Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach, was the site ofthe forty-ninth meeting of the Southeastern Division of the Association of American Geographers, November 20-22, 1994. Although Hurricane Gordon had brushed the coast before the meeting, the weather cleared. Mesmerizing ocean views threatened to distract the 327 participants from a rich and diverse program. The first open event of the meeting was an early-bird reception on Saturday night to open the Committee on Southern Map Librarians' biennial meeting. The Committee's workshop was held Sunday with sessions on Integration of Past Jamestown Archeology with Current GIS Technologies; Geologic Information Visualization; GIS and the Internet; GIS and Map Libraries in the Academy; and two sessions on public service needs in digital map data. Field trips began Sunday with a day's journey to the eastern shore, and an air trip over the historical landscapes of eastern Virginia. Two field trips were scheduled for Monday's business hours: one to the port facilities ofthe region as well as a site visit to the GIS facilities of the City of Virginia Beach. Sunday evening's opening session began with a reception in the Cavalier on the Hill, the vintage hotel which catalyzed early tourism at Virginia Beach. Dinner followed a geographical tour by a group of fourth- and fifth-grade students from Chesterfield County. Under the direction of Ms. Theresa Sullivan, the group presented countries and their capitals in song. After dinner, Dr. Stephen Leatherman addressed issues of coastal change. A dessert reception closed the evening. Twenty-two paper and panel sessions included four honors sessions, a total of sixteen honors papers. Sixty-five regular papers in twelve regular and three special sessions were presented. The Southern Studies Committee organized a well-attended session; another special session was organized by the Committee on the Status of Women in Geography. Three panel presentations were part of the program, two organized by SEDAAG committees: the Committee on Education in Geography presented a discussion of the National Standards for Geographic Education, and CSWG presented a panel on multiculturalism in geography curricula . The report ofthe AAG committee on employment niches was the topic for the third panel. The program included 156 people as presenters, panelists, chairs, and discussants , and 200 separate people including program-related committee members. Dr. Brooker-Gross is Associate Professor of Geography and Associate Provostfor the Undergraduate Programs at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0115. Vol. XXXV, No. 1 97 Residents of other regions (New England-St. Lawrence Valley, Southwestern, East Lakes, West Lakes, and the Mid-Atlantic) added to the southeastern resident members participating in the program. Neal Lineback once again donated his energies to a lively World Geography Bowl competition. Under the committee's guidance, state teams participated in a round robin competition on Sunday afternoon. The South Carolina team was presented with the victory bowl after their win Monday evening. A post-bowl celebration was hosted by the student organization at Old Dominion University. The exhibit space offered commercial displays, plus an opportunity for graduate programs and potential students to meet one another. Project GeoSim again hosted a workshop Monday afternoon. The annual Honors Luncheon was held atop the hotel overlooking the ocean. Honors Committee Chair Tyrel Moore announced the awards: Prunty Scholarship winner, Ms. Robin Harris, University ofMemphis; Master's Honor competition , Ms. Melissa Tollinger, East Carolina University; Ph.D. Honors competition, Mark A. Withers, University of Georgia; and faculty honors to Julian V. Minghi, University of South Carolina, Honorary Life Membership; Gerald F. PyIe, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Research Honors; J. Dennis Lord, University ofNorth Carolina at Charlotte, Outstanding Service; and Charles F. Kovacik, University of South Carolina, Lifetime Achievement. AAG President Stephen S. Birdsall presented the Honors address, "Riding Swift Currents." The Local Arrangements Committee, Don Zeigler, chair, and his colleagues at Old Dominion University hosted a well-planned and energetic meeting. Next year, geographers at the University ofTennessee will host the meetings. Preliminary plans are underway for the fifty-year anniversary of SEDAAG at the annual meeting in...


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