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was wrote in one shot like THE SUBTERRANEANS matters more than what comes before because its last and doesnt matter at all CHARLES VANDERSEE LITTLE PLACES In the little magazines, someone is always attacking someone else, which is very nice. -Robert BIy In the little countries somebody is always attacking somebody else, usually with a land mine or famine. With sharp muffled syllables or silence, like the collapse of embassy panes onto sills and raked gravel and down to the dusty, bloody leaves in pools. In the little prisons, with nineteen hundred, not the anomie of two thousand, somebody is always attacking anybody else handy, with papers, fists, feces, unpronounceable numbers, and wrong colors, figuring the enemy is somebody. After a time the pulp ferments vigorously and tear gas is added. 55 In the little shops and stores which have now vanished, somebody was always attacking anything and anybody, with constant tobacco thrusts that the virgin sawdust absorbed. Usually it was a distant President, who but for fate would have been the aproned figure fingering the register. In the big countries the little countries are always attacking each other every week in the foreign pages, and the prisons have shops where license plates are stamped and stores, where furniture is sold to tourists, whose motel rooms have color television predicting pacific weather, which is very nice. BARBARA MOORE DEMOLITION I am wounded In the straight sun. I have never been stronger. The flat, warm smell of the pavement Hits me between the eyes. I am strong In a hurt commotion— What is it? 56 ...


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