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CAROL PAPENHAUSEN INTERESTING TIMES Ladies of the parish will hold their "Pancake and Prayer" breakfast on Tuesday morning at 7:30. Donation is $1.00. All you can eat. "Scottie" Lichtenberg is wearing someone else's black leather coat. Will the person who took his by mistake please contact him so an exchange can be made. The choir will meet Thursday evening at 8 p.m. in the home ofMr. and Mrs. Norman Reich. "MakingIt" will be the topic of Wednesday night's meeting . All those concerned with making it are invited. Stanley Funk dislikes pancakes, has never owned a leather coat, and cannot carry a tune. He is, however, concerned with making it and the notice catches his eye. There are only three people there when he arrives . "Hello, my name is Stan Funk." "Ah, good evening, Stan. Glad you could come. Fm Tom, the gentleman seated over there is Jack and, uh," pointing to the corner, "your name again, sir?" "Kai Toon." "Ah, yes. Kai is from Thailand and very frankly," Tom lowers his voice to a whisper, "we haven't understood a word he's said. Incomprehensible . Watch how we all nod and smile when he talks." Kai says something, everyone nods and smiles. Kai beams at them. "Are you the leader of the group?" Stan asks Tom. "Oh, no, no. No leaders here, just people concerned, as Fm sure you 13 are, Stan, with the problems we all face. The reason I talk this way, Stan (notice how I use your name so often) is that I'm a counselor, so I feel I have a better idea of why we're all here. That's all—I have no desire to impose my will on others, really. It's just in this situation I think I'm the man that can pull the group together, as it were. Do you see what I'm driving at, Stan?" "I understand. Yes I see." Tom pats him on the shoulder. "I'm sure you do. Yes, I was certain you would. From the corner of the room, Kai smiles brightly and begins to talk. They all smile and nod, and Jack comes over to the two men. "What are we going to do about him?" He jerks a thumb towards Kai, who sits stroking his acne and watching them with dark, cow-like eyes. "Now, Jack, I'm surprised. Who are we to say whether or not he can remain with us? We cannot understand him, that is true. But how do we know that he will not leave here tonight with more understanding and feeling because of us, because we included him in our little group. Compassion, Jack, that's what it's all about. Isn't that right, Stan?" "That's right. I guess so." "He keeps playing with his goddamn pimples, I'm gonna toss my cookies right here on the floor." Tom looks pained. "Jack, that's not the attitude to take. He's ahuman being, Jack, like the rest of us. A man, Jack." "I can't understand a goddamn word he says." "Oh, you're angry, aren't you? You're angry because the world is so stupid and it upsets you. Well, this should be a very interesting session, because I seem to sense that Stan here is just the opposite. The world is not stupid, he is. Am I right about that Stan?" "That's right. I guess so." "Well, it will be very interesting to see what happens here tonight, won't it, Jack?" "If you ever shut your mouth long enough for anybody to say anything , it might be." Tom waggles his finger. "Jack, that's unkind. Really. Just when I was really beginning to feel—" The door opens and they all look around. "Come in, come in," Tom says. "J.B. Archer. Is this the meeting?" "This is indeed the meeting. A meeting of the minds, as it were. Welcome , J.B." "Who's he?" "That is Kai, our representative tonight from Thailand." "He'll never make it, not with that complexion. Notice the care I take of my person, the quiet tasteful way I'm...


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