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Southeastern Geographer Vol. XXXXIII, No. 1, May 2003, pp. 156-158 HONORS SOUTHEASTERN DIVISION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN GEOGRAPHERS Best Paper in the Southeastern Geographer Award 2000Susan M. Walcott (Georgia State University) 2001Carl A. Reese and Kam-biu Liu (Louisiana State University) Lifetime Achievement Award 1987John Fraser Hart (University of Minnesota) 1989Sam B. Hilliard (Louisiana State University) 1 993Karl B. Raitz (University ofKentucky) 1994Charles F. Kovacik (University of South Carolina) 1995Stephen S. Birdsall (University ofNorth Carolina, Chapel Hill) 1996Morton D. Winsberg (Florida State University) 1999Ronald F Abler (Association of American Geographers) 2000James O. Wheeler (University of Georgia) 2001Risa I. Palm (University ofNorth Carolina, Chapel Hill) 2002J. Dennis Lord (University ofNorth Carolina at Charlotte) Research Honors Award 1 987Charles Aiken (University of Tennessee) 1988James O. Wheeler (University of Georgia) 1989Edward J. Malecki (University ofFlorida) 1992Clifton W. Pannell (University of Georgia) 1993Robert E. Lloyd (University of South Carolina) 1 994Gerald F. PyIe (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) 1995John Paul Jones III (University of Kentucky) Vernon Meentemeyer (University of Georgia) Jonathan D. Phillips (East Carolina University) 1996Stanley D. Brunn (University of Kentucky) 1997Barney Warf(Florida State University) 1 998Owen J. Furuseth (University ofNorth Carolina at Charlotte) 1999Stephen J. Walsh (University ofNorth Carolina, Chapel Hill) 2000Gerald R. Webster (University ofAlabama) 2001Graham A. Tobin (University of South Florida) 2002Chor Pang (C. P) Lo (University ofGeorgia) HONORS157 Outstanding Service Award 1 987 Donald Patton (University of Florida) Sidney Jumper (University of Tennessee) Harm de BUj (University of Miami) 1990Stephen S. Birdsall (University ofNorth Carolina, Chapel Hill) 1991Neal G. Lineback (Appalachian State University) 1 992Stanley Brunn (University of Kentucky) 1993James O. Wheeler (University of Georgia) 1994J. Dennis Lord (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) 1995Janet E. Kodras (Florida State University) 1 996Jesse O. McKee (University of Southern Mississippi) David C. Weaver (University ofAlabama) 1997Dennis L. Spetz (University ofLouisville) 1 998Thomas L. Bell (University of Tennessee) 1999Howard G. /o/î«5O«(Jacksonville State University) 2000Truman A. Hartshorn (Georgia State University) 2001John J. Winberry (University of South Carolina) 2002Lizbeth Ann PyIe (West Virginia University) Honorary Life Membership Award 1964Rayburn Johnson (Memphis State University) J. Russell Whitaker (George Peabody University) 1965Henry Becker (Florida State University) J. Sullivan Gibson (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Joseph Schwendeman, Sr. (University of Kentucky) 1966Julian Petty (University of South Carolina) 1967William Pierson (University of Florida) 1969 Edward Baldwin (Middle Tennessee State University) Merle C. Prunty (University of Georgia) 1971James W Reid (Davidson) Paul Siseo (Memphis State University) 1 972James Anderson (University of Florida) James Barnes (University of Georgia) 1973Raymond Crist (University of Florida) Merle Sherman (Florence State University) Julian Yoder (Appalachian State University) 1974James Matthews (Memphis State University) 1975Thomas P. Field (University of Kentucky) 1976David Basile (University ofNorth Carolina, Chapel Hill) John Fraser Hart (University of Minnesota) 158HONORS 1 977Donald Patton (Florida State University) 1978Merle Myers (Mississippi State University) Burke Vanderhill (Florida State University) 1979Shannon McCune (University of Florida) James Shear (University of Georgia) 1981 Sidney Jumper (University of Tennessee) 1987 Sanford Bederman (Georgia State University) 1990 Stephen S. Birdsall (University ofNorth Carolina, Chapel Hill) 1994 Julian V. Minghi (University of South Carolina) ...


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