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ENGLAND Herbert G. Wood Director of et tidies at W'oodbrooke, author and Ilulsean Lecturer at Cambridge University. ENGLAND Alfred Clhzox Member of_ the Conticrvatire Friend* group, Fritchley. England. GERMANY Leonhard Friedrich Manager, "Quaker Verlan " (Publishing) at Bad Plirmont. ENGLAND Carl Heath General Secretary of the Friends Service Council until 1935. Recently returned from a visit to India. ENGLAND John H. Harris Member of the Executive of the League of Nations, British Government Commissioner and authority on race relatione. ENGLAND Barrow Cadbcry Director of British Cocoa and Chocolate, Ltd. ; former Vice-Chairman of National Adult School Union. ENGLAND T. Edmund Harvey Member of Parliament ; Quaker writer. IRELAND Victor E. H. Bewi.ey Member of Young Friends Committee. Dublin Yearly Meeting. IRELAND James G. Doi'glas Member of Irish Free State Senate, Í982-JM6. HOLLAND Katherina M. D. Petrusen¡lead Mistress of the Friends School, "Eerde" at Ommen, Holland. SWEDEN Per SrNDBEBO Headmaster of a progressive boarding school at Viggbyholm. SWEDEN SiRi Leander teacher and representative young Friend. FRANCE Henry van Etten French Secretary of Friends' Center, Paris. FRANCE Germaine Melon-Hollard Refugee relief worker in Friends' Center, Paris, and an accomplished musician . SWITZERLAND Bertram M. Pickard Secretary of Friends' Center , Geneva, Vice-Chairman of Commission V. AUSTRALIA Margaret L. Benson Former clerk of Sydney Monthly Meeting; co-editor of "The Friend of Australia and New Zealand." CZECHOSLOVAKIA Jaroslav Kosé Counselor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Director of the Czechoslovak Export Institute. CZECHOSLOVAKIA Jarmila LinkovA Young Friend engaged in refugee relief work. RuFus M. Jones Professor Emeritus of Haverford College^ Chairman of the American Friends Service Committee. Clerk of the Conference* JAPAN Rycmei Yamano Japanese student coming to attend Pendle Hill. JAPAN Gilbert and Minnie P. Bowles Friends Mission Workers, Tokio, for many years. R. Halfdan-Nielsen A Civil Engineer, clerk of the Danish Yearly Meeting Assistant Clerk of the Conference. Paul D. Sturge Of London, General Secretary of Friends Service Council. Deputy Clerk of the Conference. Anna Gbiscom Elkinton Of Philadelphia, Chairman of the General Committee. William B. Wilson Of Lancashire, England, Chairman of Commission I, on the Spiritual Message of Quakerism. Francis E. Pollard Of Reading, England, Chairman of Commission II, on the Individual Christian and the State. INDIA Shoran Singha Y. M. O. A. Secretary for Indian students in London. PALESTINE Khalil Totah Principal of Friends School at Bam Allah. CHINA Swun Deh Du Professor, West China Union University. Homer L. Morris Of Philadelphia, Chairman of Commission III, on Methods of Achieving Economic , Racial, and International Justice. Hadassah Moore Leeds Of Philadelphia, Chairman of Commission IV, on Education. J. Passmore Elkinton Of Philadelphia, Chairman of Commission V, on International Co-operation. MEXICO Francisco E. Estrello Pastor of Matehuala Monthly Meeting. JAMAICA Charles S. Vincent An East Indian, for IS years a minister in Jamaica. Leslie ?. Shaffer Of Philadelphia, Secretary of the General Committee. ...


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