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JOHN K. WALSH AWARD This Award is given annually to an outstanding article published in La corónica during dieprevious volume. The selection ofthe recipient ofthis award is made by the Executive Committee ofthe MLA Division on Medieval Spanish Language and Literature in memory of distinguished medievalistJohn K Walsh (1939-1990), with the tribute being celebrated each year ata reception at the Modern LanguageAssociation Convention. Vol. 21 — Jane Whetnall, "Isabel González of the Cancionero de Baena and Other Lost Voices", 21.1 (Fall, 1992): 59-82. Vol. 22 — Louise O. Vasvari, "Festive Phallic Discourse in the Libro del Arcipreste", 22.2 (Spring, 1994): 89-117. Vol. 23 — Steven N. Dworkin, "The Genesis of Old Spanish duecho: An Unrecognized Provençalism", 23.2 (Spring, 1995): 34-50. Vol. 24 - Ross Brann, Ángel Sáenz-Badillos y Judit Targarona, "Sëmu'el ibn Sason y su poesía hebrea en la Castilla del siglo XIV", 24.2 (Spring, 1996): 56-74. Vol. 25 — E, Michael Gerli, "Performing Nobility: Mosén Diego de Valera and the Poetics oíConverso Identity", 25.1 (Fall, 1996): 19-36. Vol. 26 —Julian Weiss, "On the Conventionality ofthe Cantigas d'amor", 26.1 (Fall, 1997): 225-45. Vol. 27 — Charlotte Stern, "Recovering the Theater ofMedieval Spain (and Europe): The Islamic Evidence", 27.2 (Spring, 1999): 119-53. Vol. 28 — Richard P. Kinkade andJohn E. Keller, "Myth and Reality in the Miracle oí Cantiga 29", 28.1 (Fall, 1999): 35-69. Vol. 29 — Barbara F. Weissberger, "The Gendered Taxonomy ofSpanish Romance", 29.1 (Fall, 2000): 205-29. ...


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