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  • Canadian Ethnic Studies/Études ethniques au CanadaVol. 40, 2008


Ali, Mehrunnisa Ahmad. Second-Generation Youth's Belief in the Myth of Canadian Multiculturalism. 40.2: 89-107.
Ali, S. Harris. Stigmatized Ethnicity, Public Health, and Globalization. 40.3: 43-64.
Amarasingam, Amarnath. Religion and Ethnicity among Sri Lankan Tamil Youth in Ontario. 40.2: 149-169.
Aponiuk, Natalia. Editor's Note: Some Comments on This Special Issue. 40.1: v.
Aponiuk, Natalia. Editor's Note: Some Comments on This Special Issue. 40.2: v.
Aponiuk, Natalia. Editor's Note. 40.3: v.
Belkhodja, Chedly. Le discours de la « nouvelle sensibilité conservatrice » au Québec. 40.1 : 79-100.
Byers, Michele, and Evangelia Tastsoglou. Negotiating Ethnocultural Identity: The Experience of Greek and Jewish Youth in Halifax. 40.2: 5-33.
Cameron, James E., and John W. Berry. True Patriot Love: Structure and Predictors of Canadian Pride. 40.3: 17-36.
Dalley, Phyllis, and Michael Begley. Fragmentation sociale et cohésion sociale en éducation au Canada. 40.1 : 125-139.
Dib, Kamal, Ian Donaldson, and Brittany Turcotte. Integration and Identity in Canada: The Importance of Multicultural Common Spaces. 40.1: 161-187.
Gallant, Nicole. Choix identitaires et représentations de l'identité issue de l'immigration chez la deuxième génération. 40.2 : 35-60.
Garcea, Joseph, Anna Kirova, and Lloyd Wong. Introduction: Multiculturalism Discourses in Canada. 40.1: 1-10.
Garcea, Joseph. Postulations on the Fragmentary Effects of Multiculturalism in Canada. 40.1: 141-160. [End Page 219]
Hassan, Ghayda, Cécile Rousseau, Toby Measham, and Myrna Lashley. Caribbean and Filipino Adolescents' and Parents' Perceptions of Parental Authority, Physical Punishment, and Cultural Values and Their Relation to Migratory Characteristics. 40.2: 171-186.
Hébert, Yvonne, Lori Wilkinson, Mehrunnisa Ahmad Ali, and Temitope Oriola. New Modes of Becoming in Transcultural Glocal Spaces: Second-Generation Youth in Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto. 40.2: 61-87.
Jurva, Katrina, and Peruvemba S. Jaya. Ethnic Identity among Second-Generation Finnish Immigrant Youth in Canada: Some Voices and Perspectives. 40.2: 109-128.
Karim, Karim H. Press, Public Sphere, and Pluralism: Multiculturalism Debates in Canadian English-Language Newspapers. 40.1: 57-78.
Kirova, Anna. Critical and Emerging Discourses in Multicultural Education Literature: A Review. 40.1: 101-124.
Labelle, Micheline. Les intellectuels québécois face au multiculturalisme : hétérogénéité des approches et des projets politiques. 40.1 : 33-56.
Lewis, Nadia. Iraqi Women, Identity, and Islam in Toronto: Reflections on a New Diaspora. 40.3: 131-147.
Li, Peter S., and Eva Xiaoling Li. University-Educated Immigrants from China to Canada: Rising Number and Discounted Value. 40.3: 1-16.
McAndrew, Marie, Denise Helly, Caroline Tessier, and Judy Young. From Heritage Languages to Institutional Change: An Analysis of the Nature of Organizations and Projects Funded by the Canadian Multiculturalism Program (1983-2002). 40.3: 149-169.
Paré, Sylvie. Enclaves ethniques à Montréal et Toronto : les cas de Victoria à Côte-des-Neiges et de Roncesvalles à Parkdale. 40.3 : 91-108.
Tastsoglou, Evangelia. Introduction: The Experiences of Second-Generation Canadian Youth. 40.2: 1-3.
Tossutti, Livianna, Ding Ming Wang, and Sanne Kaas-Mason. Family, Religion, and Civic Engagement in Canada. 40.3: 65-90.
Wong, Lloyd. Multiculturalism and Ethnic Pluralism in Sociology: An Analysis of the Fragmentation Position Discourse. 40.1: 11-32.
Yan, Miu Chung, Sean Lauer, and Surita Jhangiani. Riding the Boom: Labour Market Experiences of New Generation Youth from Visible Minority Immigrant Families. 40.2: 129-148.
Zanazanian, Paul. Historical Consciousness and the "French-English" Divide among Quebec History Teachers. 40.3: 109-130. [End Page 220]

Research Notes/Notes De Recherche

Guardado, Martin. Language, Identity, and Cultural Awareness in Spanish-speaking Families. 40.3: 171-181.
Mancuso, Rebecca. The Danes of Montreal: The Uses of History and the Meanings of Success. 40.3: 183-193.
Sodhi, Pavna. Bicultural Identity Formation of Second-Generation Indo-Canadians. 40.2: 187-199.


Adams, Christopher. Politics in Manitoba: Parties, Leaders, and Voters. By Nelson Wiseman. 40.1: 189-190.
Arinbjörnsdóttir, Birna.North American Icelandic: The Life of a Language. By Christopher Hale. 40.1: 207-208.
Banting, Keith, Thomas J. Courchene, and F. Leslie...


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