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  • English Sijo:2010 English Sijo Writing Contest at the US Embassy in Seoul
  • Kim Eun Su, Cho Hye Ryeong, and Cho Ki Woong

First Prize
Kim Eun Su
Seongnam Foreign Language High School

The Moon

I sigh as if the ground would sink, yet today the moon glistens beyond my sorrow.

I run, I hide and beg to get away but still a stream of light fills my empty heart,

Tonight I rise without a single doubt, I throw away my worries and embrace the moon.

Second Prize
Cho Hye Ryeong
Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

Blossom Bow

I saw an azalea that lowered its blossom, [End Page 223]

The dawning dewdrops that bent it downward

The sun has long since risen, yet still it bows in silence

Third Prize
Cho Ki Woong
Myungduk Foreign Language High School


I stand still in the corner'Till dusk lay on my shoulderWaiting for you, I amWhen damp sultry summer comesYou smile at me and invite me homeSmiling a "Yes," I am

Finally with you, face to faceHeart keeps beating, it lost its paceFeeling it burn, I am'Though it feels painful, I cannot stop'Cause you're giving the pleasing smileThanking for the blessing, I am

Twenty-four seven, next to youLabor becomes a pleasureTasting happiness, I amAfter the blazing yet short summerPushed away to the very same cornerAgain, waiting, I am [End Page 224]



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