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INDEX: VOLUME 33, 2010 ARTICLES Banita, Georgiana. “‘Home Squared’: Barack Obama’s Transnational Self-Reliance.” 33.1 (Winter): 24–45. Bruś, Teresa. “Essaying in Autobiography: Wystan Hugh Auden’s and Walter Benjamin’s Faces.” 33.2 (Spring): 333–49. Coullie, Judith Lütge. “Telling the Life Story, Anxiously: The Memoirs of Teresa and Anna Campbell.” 33.2 (Spring): 309–332. Ford, James Edward, III. “Mob Rule in New Orleans: Anarchy, Governance, and Media Representation.” 33.1 (Winter): 185–208. Gilmore, Leigh. “American Neoconfessional: Memoir, Self-Help and Redemption on Oprah’s Couch.” 33.4 (Fall 2010): 657–79. Hecht, David K. “A Nuclear Narrative: Robert Oppenheimer, Autobiography, and Public Authority.” 33.1 (Winter): 167–84. Huisman, Marijke. “Life Writing in Europe.” 33.2 (Spring): 366–69. Kelly, Ursula A. “Inciting Teaching and Learning: Loss and Mourning in Alice Kaplan’s French Lessons.” 33.2 (Spring): 350–65. Keren, Michael. “Blogging and Mass Politics.” 33.1 (Winter): 110–26. Lim, Jeehyun. “‘I Was Never at War with My Tongue’: The Third Language and the Performance of Bilingualism in Richard Rodriguez.” 33.3 (Summer): 518–42. Maslen, Joseph. “The Personal Politics of Raphael Samuel.” 33.1 (Winter): 209–221. McCooey, David, and David Lowe. “Autobiography in Australian Parliamentary First Speeches.” 33.1 (Winter): 68–83. Merrill, Christi. “Human Rights Singular-Plural: Translating Dalit Autobiography from Hindi.” 33.1 (Winter): 127–50. Mitoma, Glenn. “Charles H. Malik and Human Rights: Notes on a Biography.” 33.1 (Winter ): 222–41. Morais, Dawn. “Malaysia: The Writing of Lives and the Constructing of Nation.” 33.1 (Winter): 84–109. Park, So Young. “Transnational Adoption, Hallyu, and the Politics of Korean Popular Culture .” 33.1 (Winter): 151–66. Rak, Julie. “Insecure Citizenship: Michael Ignatieff, Memoir, Canada.” 33.1 (Winter): 1–23. Smith, Sidonie. “Autobiographical Discourse in the Theaters of Politics.” 33.1 (Winter): v–xxvi. Sow, Alioune. “Political Intuition and African Autobiographies of Childhood.” 33.3 (Summer ): 498–517. Index, Volume 33 1041 Tobin, Beth Fowkes. “Wampum Belts and Tomahawks on an Irish Estate: Constructing an Irish Imperial Identity in the Eighteenth Century.” 33.4 (Fall): 680–713. Van Santen, Rosa, and Liesbet Van Zoonen “The Personal in Political Television Biographies .” 33.1 (Winter): 46–67. Wachter, Phyllis E. “Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2009–2010.” 33.4 (Fall): 714–846, Whitlock, Gillian. “Remediating Gorilla Girl: Rape Warfare and the Limits of Humanitarian Storytelling.” 33.3 (Summer): 471–97. Yamashiro, Aiko. “Cumulative Index: Volumes 1–33.” 914–1036. REVIEWS Adams, Katharine. Owning Up: Privacy, Property and Belonging in U.S. Women’s Life Writing. Reviewed by Carolyn Sorisio. 33.2 (Spring): 384–89. Baggerman, Arianne, and Rudolf Dekker. Child of the Enlightenment: Revolutionary Europe Reflected in a Boyhood Diary. Reviewed by Julia Douthwaite. 33.2 (Spring): 403–405. Barnett, Paul. Finding the Historical Christ. Reviewed by Craig A. Evans. 33.4 (Fall): 863– 66. Benfey, Christopher. A Summer of Hummingbirds: Love, Art, and Scandal in the Intersecting Worlds of Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, and Martin Johnson Heade. Reviewed by Sarah Driscoll. 33.2 (Spring): 389–94. Benton, Michael. Literary Biography: An Introduction. Reviewed by Kathryn Hughes. 33.3 (Summer): 552–56. Brack, O M, ed. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D by Sir John Hawkins, Knt. Reviewed by Robert G. Walker. 33.2 (Spring): 397–400. Burt, E. S. Regard for the Other: Autothanatography in Rousseau, De Quincey, Baudelaire, and Wilde. Reviewed by Virginia E. Swain. 33.4 (Fall): 850–53. Charlesworth, James H., with Petr Pokorný, eds. Jesus Research: An International Perspective —The First Princeton-Prague Symposium on Jesus Research. Reviewed by Bruce Chilton . 33.3 (Summer): 570–72. Couser, G. Thomas. Signifying Bodies: Disability in Contemporary Life Writing. Reviewed by Georgina Kleege. 33.3 (Summer): 543–45. Douglas, Kate. Contesting Childhood: Autobiography, Trauma, and Memory. Reviewed by Janice Haaken. 33.4 (Winter): 853–55. Harte, Liam. The Literature of the Irish in Britain: Autobiography and Memoir, 1725–2001. Reviewed by José Lanters. 33.4 (Fall): 866–68. Hinton, James. Nine Wartime Lives: Mass-Observation and the Making of the Modern Self. Reviewed by Marina MacKay. 33.4 (Fall): 868–70. Kaplan, Brett Ashley. Landscapes of Holocaust Postmemory. Reviewed by Gerd Bayer...


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