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CUMULATIVE INDEX: BIOGRAPHY 1–33 (1978–2010) AIKO YAMASHIRO Articles are indexed by author and subject. Films and books that appear as subjects are indexed by the last names of the authors or directors; web sites are indexed by titles. This index does not include Biography’s annual bibliographies on life writing or the reader surveys that ran in issues 8.4, 9.4, 10.4, and 16.4. Co-authored articles are alphabetized under the first author’s name. The index begins with a listing of Special Issues and Interviews. SPECIAL ISSUES 13.1 (Winter 1990): Biography and Education. 17.1 (Winter 1994): Asian Biography. 22.1 (Winter 1999): Festschrift for George Simson. Ed. Marie-José Fassiotto and Michael Fassiotto. 23.1 (Winter 2000): The Biopic. Ed. Glenn Man. 24.1 (Winter 2001): Autobiography and Changing Identities. Ed. Susanna Egan and Gabriele Helms. (IABA 2000) 25.1 (Winter 2002): Biography and Geography. Ed. Miriam Fuchs. 26.1 (Winter 2003): Online Lives. Ed. John Zuern. 27.1(Winter 2004): Personal Effects: The Testimonial Uses of Life Writing. Ed. Cynthia G. Franklin and Laura E. Lyons. 27.3 (Summer 2004): Life Writing by and about German-Speaking Women in the Long Eighteenth Century. Ed. Ruth Dawson. 28.1 (Winter 2005): Inhabiting Multiple Worlds: Auto/Biography in an (Anti-) Global Age. Ed. David Parker. (IABA 2004.) 29.1 (Winter 2006): Self-Projection and Autobiography in Film. Ed. Linda Haverty Rugg. 30.1 (Winter 2007): Life Writing and Science Fiction. Ed. John Rieder. 31.1 (Winter 2008): Autographics. Ed. Gillian Whitlock and Anna Poletti. 31.3 (Summer 2008): Something Other Than Autobiography: Collaborative Life-Narratives in the Americas. Ed. Kathleen McHugh and Catherine Komisaruk. 32.1 (Winter 2009): Life Writing and Translations. Ed. Cynthia G. Franklin and Miriam Fuchs. (IABA 2008.) 33.1 (Winter 2010): Personal Narrative and Political Discourse. Ed. Sidonie Smith. Yamashiro, Cumulative Index: Volumes 1–33 915 INTERVIEWS Franklin, Cynthia G., and Laura E. Lyons. “Land, Leadership, and Nation: Haunani-Kay Trask on the Testimonial Uses of Life Writing in Hawai‘i.” 27.1 (Winter 2004): 222–49. Friedson, Anthony M. “Contemporary Japanese Biography: An Interview with Shoichi Saeki.” 13.4 (Fall 1990): 300–307. ———. “No More Farewells: An Interview with Jeanne and John [James] Houston.” 7.1 (Winter 1984): 50–73. Khetsun Zangpo. “Namtar: The Tradition of Biography in Tibet.” 17.1 (Winter 1994): 20–31. Lyons, Laura E., and Cynthia Franklin. “‘On the Cusp of the Personal and the Impersonal’: An Interview with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.” 27.1 (Winter 2004): 203–221. Ngwenya, Thengani H. “‘Making History’s Silences Speak’: An Interview with N. C. Manganyi .” 26.3 (Summer 2003): 428–37. Thompson, Phyllis Hoge. “This is the Story I Heard: A Conversation with Maxine Hong Kingston and Earll Kingston.” 6.1 (Winter 1983): 1–12. ARTICLES A A&E Biography Television Series. See Brottman. Abercrombie, Neil. See Crick. Aboul-Ela, Hosam. “The Writer Becomes Text: Naguib Mahfouz and State Nationalism in Egypt.” 27.2 (Spring 2004): 313–38. Academic Life Writing. See Adams, T., “Confessions”; Aurell; Greenberg; Lejeune, “Calicot ”; Lloyd; Merle; Popkin; Weiland, “Biography.” Aciman, André. “Arbitrage.” See Eakin, “Living.” ———Out of Egypt. See Porter, “Autobiography.” Ackerley, J. R. My Father and Myself. See Gurfinkel. Ackerley, Roger. See Gurfinkel. Ackroyd, Peter. The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde. See Moran. Adams, Brooks. The Law of Civilization and Decay. See Carson. Adams, Henry. See Carson; Manheim. ———Democracy, An American Novel. See Gilley. ———The Education of Henry Adams. See Goodwin; Parkhurst; Sutherland. ———The Life of Albert Gallatin and John Randolph. See Hughson. Adams, John. See Banes. Adams, Timothy Dow. “Confessions of an Autobiography Scholar; or, You Can’t Handle the Truthiness.” 32.2 (Spring 2009): 340–43. ———. “Deafness and Deftness in CODA Autobiography: Ruth Sidransky’s In Silence and Lou Ann Walker’s A Loss for Words.” 20.2 (Spring 1997): 141–55. ———. “‘Heightened by Life’ vs. ‘Paralyzed by Fact’: Photography and Autobiography in Norma Cantú’s Canícula.” 24.1 (Winter 2001): 57–71. ———. “The Mock-Autobiography of Edwin Mullhouse.” 5.3 (Summer 1982): 205–214. 916 Biography 33.4 (Fall 2010) Adeleke, Tunde. “Black Biography in the Service of a Revolution: Martin R. Delany in AfroAmerican Historiography.” 17...


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