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194CIVIL WAR HISTORY was both idealism and imperialism" (p. 192). Yet a closer look at Anderson 's own evidence suggests that U.S. ministers to China had reconciled the idealist and imperialist impulses long before John Hay. Whatever else their disagreements, they were convinced that the more the American system could be extended to China, the better for China and the United States. Most of this book is not concerned with these interesting if debatable theses but with the diplomatic efforts of the U.S. ministers. As a result, readers will learn very little about the attitudes and activities of missionary , business, or naval personnel in China. The usefulness of this book is in its competent description of who the ministers were, what they believed , and what they did. Jonathan G. Utley University of Tennessee, Knoxville COMMUNICATIONS To the Editor of Civil War History: I am writing in response to the review of my book Travels in America which appeared in the December 1986 issue of Civil War History. Although the reviewer, Glenda Riley, generally praised the work, she provided misinformation on one count and neglected to comment on two important features of the book. First, she states that my work suffers from a "lack of an index of authors by place or origin so that one might pull out all the observers from a particular country with ease. This would facilitate research into, for example , the Polish point of view" (p. 359). On page 278 1 indexed "Travelers , Foreign." Indeed, seven Polish accounts are listed. Second, she neglected to mention two important features ofmy work: the inclusion and indexing of articles by and about women (pp. 278-79) and the 75 personal narratives (p. 257) written by Civil War soldiertravelers . It certainly seems that she would have wanted to stress the women's accounts because of her own researches on frontier women and the Civil War soldiers' accounts because the Civil War is the subject focus of the journal for which she is reviewing the work. GaROLD L. Cole Illinois State University ...


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