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CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS ISSUE Frank L. Klement is the author offour Civil War books and numerous articles. He is an emeritus professor of history at Marquette University. David W. Blight teaches history at North Central College in Naperville , Illinois. After finishing his Ph.D. at the University ofWisconsin -Madison in 1985, he will complete a book on Frederick Douglass and the meaning of the Civil War. Richard R. Levine teaches history at John F. Kennedy High School in the Bronx. His M.A. is from Columbia University. Gerlof D. Homan is professor of history at Illinois State University. His current interest is the American attitude toward European colonialism with specific reference to the U.S. involvement in the Netherland Indies and Indonesia, 1800-1950. He is completing a book manuscript on this subject. Julia Jenkins Morton is a doctoral student in history at Kent State University. ...


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