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  • Index to Volume 44 of Criticism (2002)


Bayer, Mark, The Distribution of Political Agency in Phineas Fletcher’s Purple Island, 249

Boehrer, Bruce, Horatian Satire in Jonson’s “On the Famous Voyage,” 9

Bollinger, Laurel, The Ethics of Reading: The Struggle for Subjectivity in The Portrait of a Lady, 139

BOMBACI, NANCY, “Well of Course, I Used to Be Absolutely Gorgeous Dear”: The Female Interviewer as Subject/Object in Djuna Barnes’s Journalism, 161

Garofalo, Daniela, Political Seductions: The Show of War in Byron’s Sardanapalus, 43

Hamrick, Stephen, Tottel’s Miscellany and the English Reformation, 329

Harris, Stephen J., Bede and Gregory’s Allusive Angles, 271

Hinnant, Charles H., Schiller and the Political Sublime: Two Perspectives, 121

Maurer, Sara L., Disowning to Own: Maria Edgeworth and the Illegitimacy of National Ownership, 363

Pask, Kevin, Prospero’s Counter-Pastoral, 389

Petch, Simon, The Business of the Barrister in A Tale of Two Cities, 27

Webb, Jeff, Modernist Memory; or, The Being of Americans, 227


Back, Rachel Tzvia, Led by Language: The Poetry and Poetics of Susan Howe, reviewed by Megan Simpson 312

Barrell, John, Imagining the King’s Death: Figurative Treason, Fantasies of Regicide 1793–1796, reviewed by Michael Scrivener 99

Benedict, Barbara M., Curiosity: A Cultural History of Early Modern Inquiry, reviewed by Dennis Todd 189

Bentley, G. E., Stranger from Paradise: A Biography of William Blake, reviewed by Kathryn Freeman 297

Bergland, Renée L., The National Uncanny: Indian Ghosts and American Subjects, reviewed by Richard Sax 96 [End Page 451]

Brown, Laura, Fables of Modernity: Literature and Culture in the English Eighteenth Century, reviewed by Jodi L. Wyett 308

Cahalan, James M., Edward Abbey: A Life, reviewed by James N. Wise 314

Elledge, Paul, Lord Byron at Harrow School: Speaking Out, Talking Back, Acting Up, Bowing Out, reviewed by William D. Brewer 86

Esterhammer, Angela, The Romantic Performative: Language and Action in British and German Romanticism, reviewed by Thomas Pfau 72

Fish, Stanley, How Milton Works, reviewed by Gerald J. Schiffhorst 428

Gates, Payson G., William Hazlitt and Leigh Hunt: The Continuing Dialogue, edited and annotated by Eleanor M. Gates, reviewed by Robert K. Lapp 317

Gladfelder, Hal, Criminality and Narrative in Eighteenth-Century England: Beyond the Law, reviewed by Craig Dionne 413

Hall, Donald E., Ed., Professions: Conversations on the Future of Literary and Cultural Studies, reviewed by Jerry Herron 434

Haney, David P., The Challenge of Coleridge: Ethics and Interpretation in Romanticism and Modern Philosophy, reviewed by Paul Youngquist 83

Harpham, Geoffrey, Shadows of Ethics: Criticism and the Just Society, reviewed by James O’Rourke 67

Hobson, Christopher Z., Blake and Homosexuality, reviewed by Harriet Kramer Linkin 212

Holstun, James, Ehud’s Dagger: Class Struggle in the English Revolution, reviewed by Sharon Achinstein 193

Kiberd, Declan, Irish Classics, reviewed by Lauren Onkey 206

Kremer, S. Lillian, Women’s Holocaust Writing: Memory and Imagination, reviewed by Meri-Jane Rochelson 304

Lacapra, Dominick, Writing History, Writing Trauma, reviewed by Nina Goss and Gary Handwerk 438

Laporte, Dominique, History of Shit, translated by Nadia Benabid and Rodolphe el-Khoury, reviewed by Davis Schneiderman 407

Miller, Christopher L., Nationalists and Nomads, reviewed by Louise M. Jefferson 90

Pfau, Thomas, Wordsworth’s Profession: Form, Class, and the Logic of Early Romantic Cultural Production, reviewed by Karen A. Weisman 80

Plotz, John, The Crowd: British Literature and Public Politics, reviewed by Heidi Thomson 103

Rauch, Angelika, The Hieroglyph of Tradition: Freud, Benjamin, Gadamer, Novalis, Kant, reviewed by Irving Massey 293

Reizbaum, Marilyn, James Joyce’s Judaic Other, reviewed by Natania Rosenfeld 106

Richardson, Alan, British Romanticism and the Science of Mind, reviewed by Irving Massey 76 [End Page 452]

Rose, Jonathan, The Intellectual Life of the British Working Classes...


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