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CIVIL WAR HISTORY Index to Volume XXI (1975) Abbott, Lyman, 201, 215-16 Abolitionists, The: The Growth of A Dissenting Minority, revd., 360-62 Adams, Charles F., 157 Adams, Ephraim D., 5 Alexander, B.S., 119 Allies for Freedom: Bhcks and John Brown, revd., 91-92 Alvarez, Eugene, Travel on Southern Ra├╝roads, 1828-1860, revd., 362-63 "American Civil War and the Problem of 'Presentisi┬ź,' The: A Reply to Phillip S. Paludan," 242-53 American Civil War, The, revd., 273-74 American Historical Explanations: A Strategy for Grounded Inquiry, revd., 269-73 "American Land Company and Agency, The: John A. Andrew and the Northemization of the South," 293-308 American Union Commission, 200-201, 210-17 Amistad, 34. And They AU Sang Hallelujah: Phin-Folk Camp-Meeting Religion, 1800-1845, revd., 280-82 Anderson, G. C, 31 Andrew, John A., 293-308 Angle, Paul M., On A Variety of Subjects, revd., 349-52 Antebellum Pensacola and the Military Presence, revd., 363-64 Ashburton, Lord, 41-50 Atkinson, Edward, 200, 301, 304 Bacon, John, 31-32 Barton, Seth, 52 Bassett, George, 245, 256 Bates, Joshua, 47 Battle of Chaffin's Bluff, 51-52 Beauregard, P. G. T., 102-105, 110 Bell, Howard H., rev., 278-79 BeIz, Herman, 'The Freedmen's Bureau Act of 1865 and the Principle of No Discrimination According to Color," 197-217 "Ben Wood's Fort Lafayette: A Source for Studying the Peace Democrats," 160-71 Benedict, Michael Les, A Compromise of Principle: Congressional Republicans and Reconstruction, 1863-1869, revd., 178-79 Berger, Mark L., The Revolution in the New York Party Systems, 1840-1860, revd., 276-78 "Bibliography of Civil War Articles, A: 1974," 330-18 Billington, Ray Allen, Frederick Jackson Turner: Historian, Scholar, Teacher, revd., 269-73 Binder, Frederick Moore, Coal Age Empire: Pennsylvania Coal and Its Utilization to 1860, revd., 367-68 Bingham, John A., 161 Black Protest: Issues and Tactics, revd., 91-92 Bound With Them in Chains: A Biographical History of the Antislavery Movement, revd., 278-79 Boyd, Alexander, 309-29 "Boyd Incident, The: Black Belt Violence during Reconstruction," 309-29 Bragg, Braxton, 104 Brauer, Kinley J., "Gabriel Garcia y Tassara and the American Civil War A Spanish Perspective," 5-27 Breckinridge: Statesman, Soldier, Symbol, revd., 82-84 Breiseth, Christopher N., rev., 92-93. Brock, W. R., 307 Brown, J. M., 311 Browne, Samuel B., 317-18, 320 Bruce, Dickson D., Jr., And They AU Sang Hallelujah: Plain-Folk Camp-Meeting Religion, 1800-1845, revd., 280-82 Brugger, Robert }., rev., 358-59 Bumside, Ambrose, 132 Butler, Benjamin F., 16, 55, 197 Byrne, Frank L., rev., 366-67 Caldwell, Samuel, 325-26 Calhoun, John C, 105-106, 111 Case, Lynn M., 5-6 Chameleon (CSS), 155-59 Chase, Salmon P., 13 ChUd, Lydia Maria, 245, 256 373 374 INDEX Civil War, The: A Narrative, revd., 172-75 Clark, Charles H., rev., 362-63 Cleveland, George, 309-29 Coal Age Empire: Pennsylvania Coal and Its Utilization to 1860, revd., 367-68 Cobb, Howell, 111 Coben, Stanley, 293 Cockerel, Samuel W., 327-28 Cole, J. H., 310, 329 Colvin, Samuel, 325-26 Compromise of Principle, A: Congressional Republicans and Reconstruction, 1863-1869, revd., 178-79 Confederate Letters of Benjamin H. Freeman, The, revd., 85-87 Confederate Women, revd., 284-85 Conklin, Henry, Through "Poverty's Vale": A Hardscrabble Boyhood in Upstate New York, 1832-1867, revd., 72-73 Connelly, Thomas L., 102-104 Conway, Moncure, 245, 256-57 Cooling, Benjamin Franklin, Symbol, Sword, and Shield: Defending Washington during the Civil War, revd., Cooper, Samuel, 109 Correspondence of James K. Polk, Vol. Ill, 2835-36, revd., 356-58 Covenant With Death, A: The Constitution, Law, and Equality in the Civil War Era, revd., 354-56 Cover, Robert M., Justice Accused: Antisfovery and the Judicial Process, revd., 354-56 Craven, Avery, 242 Creole, 28-50 Crittenden, John J., 10 "CSS Tallahassee, The: A Factor in Anglo-American Relations, 1864-1866," 148-59 Current, Richard N., rev., 178-79 Cyrus Clay Carpenter and Iowa Politics, 1854-1898, revd., 87-88 Daniel, Pete, rev., 90 Danziger, Edmund Jefferson, Jr., Indians and Bureaucrats: Administering the Reservation Policy during the Civil War, revd., 176-78 Davis, A. R., 314 Davis...


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