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BOOK NOTES High Tide at Gettysburg. By Glenn Tucker. (Pp. viii, 462. $9.00.) Reviewed in Civil War History, V (Dec, 1958), 431-433. The War Between the Union and the Confederacy. By William C. Oates. Introduction by Robert K. Krick. (Pp. 808. $20.00.) Originally published in 1905, this volume focuses on the leaders and campaigns of the renowned 15th Alabama. The History of a Brigade of South Carolinians. By J. F. J. Caldwell. (Pp. 247. $7.50 paper.) Known first as "Gregg's" and subsequently as "McGowan's Brigade." History of Kershaw's Brigade. By Captain D. A. Dickert. Introduction by William Stanley Hoole. (Pp. 583. $15.00.) History of the Orphan Brigade. By Ed Porter Thompson. Introduction by William C. Davis. (Pp. 1264. $25.00.) Confederate Veteran Index, (Vols. I-XL. $25.00.) [Note: The above volumes may be ordered from Morningside Bookshop , P.O. Box 336, Forest Park Station, Dayton, Ohio 45405.] Allan Nevins, Ordeal of the Union: Selected Chapters. Compiled and introduced by E. B. Long. (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1973. Pp. viii, 500. $12.50.) These selected chapters are a fitting introduction to the monumental work by Professor Nevins. Register of the Confederate Debt. By Raphael P. Thian. (Boston: Quarterman Publications, 1972 [originally published, 1880]. Pp. xix, 190. $15.00.) Introduction by Douglas B. Ball. Military Bibliography of the Civil War. Vol. Three, General References ; Armed Forces; and Campaigns and Battles. Compiled by C. E. Dornbusch. (New York: The New York Public Library, 1972. Pp. xv, 224. $20.00.) Military Operations of the Civil War: A Guide-Index to the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865. Volume II, Main Eastern Theater of Operations. (Supt. of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. $1.50. Stock Number 22020037 .) Contains checklists of recognized military operations by state, county and date. 288 ...


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