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BOOK NOTES American Shvery as It Is. By Theodore Weld. Edited by Richard O. Curry and Joanna Dunlap Cowden. (Itasca, Illinois: F. E. Peacock Publishers, 1972. Pp. xxv, 248. $6.00, cloth; $3.50, paper.) This abridged edition of Weld's original work is part of the Primary Sources in American History series. In the Introduction the editors state that after examining Weld's sources their earlier skepticism vanished. Not only did he not exaggerate, he had material for a number of similar volumes. A Guide to Manuscripts and Archives of the Western Reserve Historical Society. Compiled by Kermit J. Pike. (Cleveland: The Western Reserve Historical Society, 1972. Pp. xviii, 425. $10.00. ) The Western Reserve Historical Society has a justifiably high reputation as a significant repository for documents in American history. This Guide verifies the extent of the Society's holdings and will be of great value to scholars . Those interested in the Civil War era will find much of interest here, from manuscripts of key figures to regimental histories to collections on microfilm. The descriptions of holdings are comprehensive and the index is more than adequate. Military Bibliography of the Civil War. Volume Three, General References ; Armed Forces; and Campaign and Battles. Compiled by C. E. Dornbusch. (New York: New York Public Library, 1972. Pp. xv, 224. $20.00.) Voters, Parties, and Elections: Quantitative Essays in the History of American Popuhr Voting Behavior. Edited by Joel H. Silbey and Samuel T. McSeveney. (Lexington, Mass.: Xerox College Publishing, 1972. Pp. x, 434.) Approximately one-half the book applies to nineteenthcentury politics. Campaigns of the First Missouri Confederate Brigade. Edited by Edwin C. Bearss. (Dayton; Ohio: Momingside Bookshop, 1972. Pp. xv, 590. $15.00.) First published in 1868. Roster of Civil War Round Tables and Rehted Organizations ( 1972). Civil War Round Table Organization Guide. ( Civil War Round Table Associates, Little Rock, Arkansas. $1.00 each. ) The Invention of Political Parties: A Study of Political Improvisation. By Roy F. Nichols. (New York: The Free Press, 1972. Pp. xii, 416. $3.95.) Reprint of 1967 edition (reviewed in CWH, March, 1968). 93 94CIVIL WAR HISTORY The Diary of Edward Bates, 1859-1866. Edited by Howard K. Beale. (New York: Da Capo Press, 1971. Pp. xvi, 685. $22.50.) Reprint of 1930 edition. Correspondence of Robert M. T. Hunter, 1826-1876. Edited by Charles Henry Ambler. (New York: Da Capo Press, 1971. Pp. 383. $17.50.) Reprint of 1918 edition. War Powers under the Constitution of the United States. By William Whiting. (New York: Da Capo Press, 1972. Pp. xxviii, 695. $27.50.) Reprint of 1871 edition. Reminiscences of Early Anti-Slavery Days. By Sarah H. Southwick. (Macon, Ga.; The Kingsley Press, 1971. Pp. 39. $4.50.) Reprint of 1893 edition. The Movement for Peace without a Victory during the Civil War. By Elbert J. Benton. (New York: Da Capo Press, 1972. Pp. 80. $7.95.) Reprint of 1918 edition. The Western Reserve and the Fugitive SiaĆ¼e Law. By William C. Cochran . (New York: Da Capo Press, 1972. Pp. 235. $11.50.) Reprint of 1920 edition. Simon Cameron: Ante-Bellum Years. By Lee F. Crippen. ( New York: Da Capo Press, 1972. Pp. xiii, 318. $15.00. ) Reprint of 1942 edition. Reminiscences of Company "H," First Arkansas Mounted Rifles. By Dr. Robert H. Dacus. (Dayton, Ohio: Morningside Bookshop, 1972. Pp. 47. $5.00.) Four Years With the Boys in Gray. By Gervis D. Grainger. (Dayton: Ohio: Morningside Bookshop, 1972. Pp. 45. $5.00.) Published in 1902 by a member of Co. I, 6th Ky., the Orphan Brigade. Berdan's United States Sharpshooters in the Army of the Potomac, 1861-1865. By Capt. C. A. Stevens. (Dayton, Ohio: Morningside Bookshop , 1972. Pp. xxiii, 555. $15.00.) First published in 1892. A Rebel Cavalryman with Lee, Stuart and Jackson. By John N. Opie. (Dayton, Ohio: Morningside Bookshop, 1972. Pp. 336. $12.50.) First published in 1897. Index of the Confederate Veteran, Volumes I-XL. (Dayton, Ohio: Morningside Bookstore, 1972. Pp. 296. $25.00. ) Register of the Confederate Debt. By Raphael P. Thian. Forward by Douglas B. Ball. (Boston: Quarterman Publications, Inc., 1972.) Pp. xix, 190. $15.00.) First published in 1880. Bhke: Or, The Huts...


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