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CIVIL WAR HISTORY Index to Volume XVI (1970) Abzug, Robert H., rev., 261-263 Adams, Hugh, 205 Agassiz, Louis, 313 Ahern, Wilbert H., "The Cox Plan of Reconstruction: A Case Study in Ideology and Race Relations," 293-308 Alexander, Thomas B., rev., 188-189 Alexandria County, Va., 13 American Anti-Slavery Society, 105, 117 American Colonization Society, 6, 109, 117 American Conservative in the Age of Jackson, An: The Political and Social Thought of Calvin Colton, revd., 180181 American Locomotives: An Engineering History, 1830-1880, revd., 277-278 Anders, Leslie, rev., 282-283 Anderson, Burbon, 45 Anderson, Francis T., 214-215 Andrews, J. Cutler, The South Reports the Civil War, revd., 364-365 Antebellum Natchez, revd., 83-84 Antietam, 52 Army of Tennessee, 50-63 Artillery and Ammunition of the Civil War, revd., 363-364 Ashmore, Rep. John D., 13 Athenian Society of Missouri, 13 Atkinson, Thomas P., 319 Austin, Tex., 42, 45-46 Averell, Maj. Gen. William, 206-207 Averill, John, 34 Bache, Alexander Dallas, 309, 312 Bailyn, Bernard, 64 Baker, Lafayette C, 131-132 Banks, Maj. Gen. Nathaniel, 206 Barnard, John, From Evangelicalism to Progressivism at Oberlin College, 1866-1917, revd., 367-368 Barr, Alwyn, rev., 346-347 Barrows, E. S., 315 Baxter, J. H., 314-315, 323 Bearss, Ed and Arrell M. Gibson, Fort Smith: Little Gibraltar on the Arkansas , revd., 286-287 Bellows, Henry W., 309 Benjamin Helm Bristow: Border State Politician, revd., 271-273 Bennett, Edward M., rev., 266-268 Bennett, James Gordon, 9 Benning, Henry L., 70-71 Benton, Sen. Thomas Hart, 8 Bergeron, Paul H., and Herbert Weaver, (eds. ), Correspondence of James K. Polk, Volume I, 1817-1832, revd., 174-176 Bernath, Stuart L., Squall Across the Atlantic: American Civil War Prize Cases and Diplomacy, revd., 269-271 Between Two Empires: The Life Story of California's First Senator, William McKendree Gwin, revd., 362-363 "Bibliography of Civil War Articles, A: 1969," 139-168 Bigelow, John, 7 Biggs, Sen. Asa, 8 Bingham, John A., 258 Black Codes, 39 Black Convention Movement (Ohio), 102, 105, 108-120 Bkck Exodus: Black Nationalist and Back-to-Africa Movements, 18901910 , revd., 273-275 "Black Laws" (Ohio), 105 Blair, Montgomery, 9 Bliss, Philemon, 115 Boothe, Leon E., rev., 189-191 Boston Tract Society, 14 Boteler, Rep. Alexander R., 15 Boyd, Julian, 64-66 Bragg, Gen. Braxton, 57-61 Brauer, Kinley J., rev., 176-177 Brenham, Tex., 41 Brewer, James H., The Confederate Negro: Virginia's Craftsmen and Military Laborers, 1861-1865, revd., 169-170 Brown, Antoinette, 117 Brown, John, 10, 119 Brown, Michael, 7 Brown, Sen. Albert, 197 Brown, William Wells, 107 Brownsville, Tex., 40 Bryce, James, 325-326 Buchanan, Pres. James, 197 Buckner, Dr. E. P., 32 Burt, W. J., 319 Butler, G. W., 48 Butterfield, Lyman, 64 369 370 CIVIL WAR HISTORY Cabell, N. F., 9 Callcott, George, History in the United States, 1800-1860: Its Practice and Purpose, revd., 350-351 Cardoso, Jack J., "Southern Reaction to Helper's The Impending Crisis," 5-17 Carpenter, John, rev., 365-367 Case, Lynn M. and Warren F. Spencer, The United States and France: Civil War Diplomacy, revd., 269-271 Castel, Albert, "The Historian and the General: Thomas L. Connelly versus Robert E. Lee," 50-63 Cave, Alfred A., An American Conservative in the Age of Jackson: The Political and Social Thought of Calvin Colton, revd., 180-181 Chace, William, 7 Charleston Mercury, 11 Charlton, Dr. Samuel, 33 Chase, Chief Justice Salmon, 254 Cheek, William F., "John Mercer Langston : Black Protest Leader and Abolitionist ," 101-120 Chickamauga, 57-61 Chubbock, Dr. Hollis, 19 Civilization of the Old South: The Writings of Clement Eaton, revd., 75-77 "Civil War Anthropometry: The Making of a Racial Ideology," 309-324 Clapesattle, Helen, 35 Clark, Charles H., rev., 277-278 Clark, John B., 10 Clay, Cassius Marcellus, 9 Clay, Sen. Henry, 197 Clayton, Charles C, Little Mack: Joseph B. McCuUagh of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, revd., 185-186 Clayton Compromise, 200 Cleveland, Mather, M.D.., New Hampshire Fights the Civil War, revd., 282-283 Confederate Negro, The: Virginia's Craftsmen and Military Laborers, 1861-1865, revd., 169-170 Confederate Propaganda in Europe, 1861-1865, revd., 189-191 Connecticut Units: Infantry: 14th...


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