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Diana Dumitru is an associate professor of history at Ion Creangă State University of Moldova. She is the author of Great Britain and the Union of the Romanian Principalities (2010), and she is currently finishing a book on the relationship between Jews and gentiles during the Holocaust in Romania. Her articles have been published in various journals. She can be reached at

Carter Johnson received his Ph.D. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2010. His has published articles on institutional solutions to ethnic conflict, and he is currently writing a book on partition as a solution to ethnic civil war. He can be reached at

Andy Baker is an associate professor in the political science department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has published in a number of journals on Latin American politics, mass political behavior, and international political economy. His book, The Market and the Masses in Latin America (2009), is about the nature and causes of citizens' attitudes toward free-market policies in eighteen Latin American nations. He can be reached at

Kenneth F. Greene is an associate professor of political science at the University of Texas at Austin. His current work focuses on political clientelism and party-system development in new democracies. He has published widely on competitive authoritarianism, spatial theory, and voting behavior. His book, Why Dominant Parties Lose: Mexico's Democratization in Comparative Perspective (2007), won the 2008 Best Book Award from the Comparative Democratization Section of the American Political Science Association. He can be reached at

Cathie Jo Martin is a professor of political science at Boston University and chair of the Council for European Studies. She is the author of Stuck in Neutral: Business and the Politics of Human Capital Investment Policy (2000), Shifting the Burden: The Struggle over Growth and Corporate Taxation (1991), and Aktivering af arbejdsgiverne: Arbejdsmarkedets svage i Danmark og Storbritannien [Activating Employers] (2004). Her articles have appeared in major American and European political science journals. She can be reached at

Duane Swank is a professor of political science at Marquette University. He is the author of Global Capital, Political Institutions, and Policy Change in Developed Welfare States (2002). He is currently finishing a book with Cathie Jo Martin on the origins, evolution, and policy impacts of employers' organizations in democratic capitalist political economies. He can be reached at

Şener Aktürk is an assistant professor in the Department of International Relations, College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey. He is currently working on a book manuscript on regimes of ethnicity and has published articles on ethnicity and nationalism in various journals. He can be reached at

Joel Sawat Selway is an assistant professor of political science at Brigham Young University. His work focuses on ethnicity and political institutions, and he looks at a variety of outcomes such as civil war, public goods, economic growth, and political parties. He is finishing a book manuscript entitled, "Ethnicity, Institutions and Public Goods Provision in Developing Countries." He can be reached at [Begin Page v]



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