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BriefNotices Darryll Grantley, ed. English Dramatic Interludes 1300-1580: A Reference Guide. NewYork: Cambridge University Press, 2004. Pp. xvi + 427. $110.00 casebound. Following a complete list of plays and fragments, acknowledgments, and abbreviations (viii-xvi),thisvolume includes an introduction (1-12) and entries on 104 plays: Albion Knight (fragment); All for Money; Apius and Virginia; The Ashmole Fragment; The Bugbears-, Calisto and Melebea; Cambises; The Cambridge Prologue; The Castle ofPerseverance; Christ's Burial; Christ's Resurrection ; Clyomon and Clamydes; Common Conditions; The ConñictofConscience ; The Contention between Liberalityand Prodigality; The Conversion ofSt. Paul; Courage, Kindness, Cleanness (fragment); The Cruel Debtor (fragments ); Damon and Pithias; D, G, T (fragment); The Disobedient Child; The Durham Prologue, Dux Moraud (fragments); Enough Is as Good as a Feast; Everyman; The Four Cardinal Virtues (fragment); The (Nature of the) Four Elements; TheFourPP;FulgensandLucres; GammerGurton'sNeedle; GentlenessandNobility ; GismondofSáleme; The Glass ofGovernment; GodlyQueen Hester; God's Promises (or God's Chief Promises); Good Order or Old Christmas (fragment); Gorboduc (or Ferrex and Porrex); Hick Scorner; Horestes; ImpatientPoverty;JackJuggler;Jacob andEsau;Jocasta;John Baptist's Preaching; John the Evangelist; John John the Husband; July and Julian; The Killing of Children (Candlemas Day); King Darius; King John; The Life of Repentance ofMaryMagdalene; Like Will to Like; The Longer Thou Livest the More Fool Thou Art; (The Play of) Love; Love Feigned and Unfeigned (fragment ); LucidusandDubius(fragment); (ThePlayof)Lucrèce(fragment); Lusty Juventus; Magnifícence; Mankind; TheMarriage ofWitand Science; TheMarriage ofWit and Wisdom; MaryMagdalene (Digby); Misogonus; Nature; New Custom; Nice Wanton; Occupation and Idleness; The Pardoner and the Friar; PatientandMeekGrissell; ThePedlar'sProphecy; ThePrideofLife(fragment); The Prodigal Son (fragment); Promos and Cassandra; Ralph Roister Doister; 469 470Comparative Drama Respublica; The Resurrection ofour Lord (fragments); The Reynes Extracts (fragments); The Rickinghall (BurySt. Edmunds) (fragment); Robin Hood and the Friar; Robin Hood and the Potter(fragment); Robin Hood and the Sheriff or Robin Hood and the Knight (fragment); (The Play of the) Sacrament (Croxton); A Satire ofthe Three Estates (Cupar Banns); A Satire ofthe Three Estates; Somebodyand Others, or The Spoiling ofLady Verity(fragment); The Student and the Girl (fragment); Supposes; Temperance and Humility (fragment ); The Temptation ofOur Lord; Terrence in English (Andria); Thersites; Three Laws; The Tide Tarrieth No Man; Tom Tiler and His Wife; The Trial of Treasure; Virtuous and Godly Susanna; Wealth and Health; (The Play of) Wit and Science; Wittyand Witless; The World and the Child (Mundus et Infans); and Youth (13-389). Entries may contain information on date, authorship, and auspices; text and editions; characters; plot summary; commentary; significant topics and narrative elements; dramaturgical andrhetorical features;place names and allusions; modern productions; and bibliography.Thevolume also includes an "Index of Characters" (390-400); "Index ofSongs" (401-04); "Bibliographic Notes on Authors" (405-08); a list of closest plays in English and noncycle drama not in English (409); a bibliography (410-24); and "Further Reading Suggestions" (425-27). Ananda LaI, ed. The Oxford Companion to Indian Theatre. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. Pp. xx + 563. $99.00 casebound. This volume begins with an introduction bythe editor (ix-xiv) and a list of contributors (xv-xx). The main text includes entries on a wide variety of subjects listed alphabetically. Individual entries may include information on the following subtopics as they pertain to Indian theater: architecture, bibliographies , children's theater, cinema, cross-references, dance, dates, group theater, groups and companies, historical drama, interculturalism, martial arts, masks, mime, music, mythological drama, names, one-act drama, places, possession, puppetry, radio drama, ritual, rural performers, scenography, shadow theater, street theater, television drama, theater education, theater for development, theory,tidesofplays,transliteration,andvocabulary.Contributors include Param Abichandani, Pratibha Agrawal, Nissar Allana, C. Annamalai, Sucharita Apte, Lokendra Arambam, V. Arasu, Devajit Bandyopadhyay, Hasmukh Baradi, Ramdas Bhatkal, Kulada Kumar Bhattacharjee, Dinkar J. Bhojak, Zarin Chaudhuri, Neelam Man Singh Chowdhry, Hemant Kumar Das, Sisir Kumar Das, Birendranath Datta,Sudhanva Deshpande,Maneesha Dixit,Kalyani Ghose, Tejwant Singh Gill, Shanta Gokhale, Sameera Iyengar, Kirti Jain, Nemichandra Jain, Ramdeo Jha,Akshara K.V., Dr. Kamlesh,Anuradha Kapur, Sunil Kothari, R Narayana Kurup, Kalamandalam Govindan Kutty, Swapan Majumdar, Javed BriefNotices471 Malick, Kamalakar Nadkarni, Arun Naik, Basavaraj S. Naikar, V. Padma, Goverdhan Panchal, Maya Pandit, Jiwan Pañi, K. Ayyappa Paniker, Kavalam...


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