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THE CONTINUING WAR by James I. Robertson, Jr. a mammouth undertaking ?? Civil War literature is nearing completion . Charles E. Dornbusch of the New York City Public Library began work two years ago on a new, up-to-date edition of the Bibliography of State Participation in the Civil War, which the War Department originally published in 1913. Foralmosthalf a century this work has been the guide to printed sources for state regiments, batteries, and cavalry troops. To date Mr. Dornbusch has amassed over 15,000 entries, which will necessitate republication of the BSPCW in three volumes. The first volume, scheduled for printing next year, will cover the seventeen Northern states. The Confederacy will be treated in the second volume, while the third will be a listing of memoirs and journals of generals and other high-ranking officials. The project should provide one of the best bibliographical tools in American military history. On a smaller scale, Donald Sinclair of the Rutgers library is compiling a bibliography of New Jersey's role in the war effort. No date has yet been set for publication, but persons with inquiries may write Mr. Sinclair for specific references. . . . Mississippi in the Confederacy, a two-volume, boxed set by James W. Silver and John Bettersworth, will be a spring LSU release. . . . The Nationwide Insurance Company is distributing a new pamphlet by Bell Irvin Wiley entitìed Why Georgia Should Commemorate the Civil War. Much valuable information on the war as a whole is contained therein. Barnes-Yoseloff has ushered in the winter season with two impressive works. The Centennial Album of the Civil War, by Marvin H. Pakula, contains color plates, charcoal drawings, and narratives of 108 figures in the war, as well as data on, and sketches of, flags, weapons, and equipment . William Amann has written the introduction for a two-volume, boxed edition, Personnel of the Civil War. Both sets promise to be bestsellers . . . . Stories of Civil War Songs, a new W. A. Wilde Co. release, is a collection of the incidents behind the war's most popular tunes. Ernest K. Emurian authored the work. Burke Davis' newest book, Our Incredible Civil War, is an unusual anthology that promises to be at the top of book sales. . . . Random House 444 has just published B. A. Botkin's A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends, and Folklore. . . . Another pictorial history of the war—this one edited by Earl Schenck Miers—will appear this spring. Golden Press is the publisher. ... In 1962 Prentice-Hall will issue The Washington Star Reports the Civil War. The Star is the only D.C. newspaper that has run continuously since the war. . . . Stephen Z. Starr of the Cincinnati CWRT is hard at work on a history of cavalry in the Civil War. Publication is forthcoming. International Publishers has reissued the communistic interpretation ofour war: The Civil War in the UnitedStates, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels of Das Kapital fame. Additional essays by Red philosophers have been incorporated. . . . This journal will shortly carry a translation of the version of the Civil War as it now appears in Russian textbooks . . . . Orion Press has published Europe Looks at the Civil War, a collection of writings compiled by Belle B. Sideman and Lillian Friedman . . . . Johns Hopkins Press has added another outstanding dissertation to its list of fine publications. Canada and the United States, by Robin Winks, reveals much of the diplomacy that took place during the war years with our northern neighbor. A new regimental history has been published by Yoseloff: Bucktailed Wildcats. This work by Edwin A. Glover is a summary of the 1st Pennsylvania Rifles. . . . Alan T. Nolan's The Iron Brigade will be released by Macmillan next month. . . . Dean F. Ritzman of Upsala College is laboring on a history of the 13th New Jersey Volunteers. . . . Rutgers will reprint the 1871 History of the First New Jersey Cavalry, with a new introduction by Earl Schenck Miers. Tentative title is Ride to War. . . . The 1960 Mrs. Simon Baruch University Award, given triennially for the outstanding unpublished manuscript in Confederate history , has been bestowed upon the editor of this column for his history of the Stonewall Brigade. The Crusade against Shvery, 1830-1860...


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