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A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CIVIL WAR ARTICLES, 1959-1960 this bibliographical listing of Civil War articles in current periodicals is the second in a regular planned series. Designed to keep our readers informed of all scholarly contributions in other journals, the running bibliography will appear in each June and December issue of Civil War History. CIVIL WAR----GENERAL Angle, Paul M., "The Republican Convention of 1860." Chicago History, Spring, 1960. Athearn, Robert G, "Civil War Days in Montana." Pacific Historical Review , February, 1960. Brogan, D. W., "A Fresh Appraisal of the Civil War." Harper's Magazine, March, 1960. Gara, Larry, "The Underground Railroad: A Re-evaluation." Ohio Historical Quarterly, July, 1960. Gardner, Robert, "A Tenth-Hour Apology for Slavery." Journal of Southern History, August 1960. Jones, Allen W., "Military Events in West Virginia during the Civil War, 1861-1865." West Virginia History, April, 1960. Kaplan, Hyman R., "The U.S. Coast Guard and the Civü War." United States Naval Institute Proceedings, August, 1960. Schwartz, Harold, "The Controversial Dred Scott Decision." Missouri Historical Review, April, 1960. Sheridan, Philip, J., "The Committee of Mexican Bondholders and European Intervention in 1861." Mid-America, January, 1960. Toole, Robert C, "Behind the Lines: The La Crosse Packet Company during the Civu War." Business History Review, Summer, 1960. Wakefield, Dan, "Civil War Centennial: Bull Run with Popcorn." The Nation, January, 1960. Wiley, Bell Irvin, "The Role of the Archivist in the Civil War Centennial." The American Archivist, April, 1960. confederacy Anderson, David D., "Robbery or Warfare: Port Clinton's Unresolved Di439 440CIVIL WAR history lemma—the Case of Confederate Agent Bennet G. Burley, 1861-65." Northwest Ohio Quarterly, Spring, 1960. Bearrs, Edwin C, "Cavalry Operations in the Battle of Stone's River." Tennessee Historical Quarterly, March & June, 1960. Bigelow, Martha M., "The Significance of Milliken's Bend in the Civil War." Journal of Negro History, July, 1960. Cushman, Joseph D., Jr., "The Episcopal Church in Florida during the Civil War." Florida Historical Quarterly, April, 1960. Donnelly, Ralph W., "District of Columbia Confederates." Military Affairs , Winter, 1959-1960. Dorris, Jonathan T., "Treatment of Confederates by Lincoln and Johnson." Lincoln Herald, Spring, 1960. Doyle, Elisabeth J., "New Orleans Courts under Military Occupation, 1861-1865." Mid-America, July, 1960. ----------, "Nurseries of Treason: Schools in Occupied New Orleans." Journal of Southern History, May, 1960. Jones, Allen W., "Military Events in Texas during the Civil War, 18611865 ." Southwestern Historical Quarterly, July, 1960. Jones, Archet», "The Gettysburg Decision." Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, July, 1960. ----------, "Some Aspects of George W. Randolph's Service as Confederate Secretary of War." Journal of Southern History, August, 1960. Lathrop, Barnes F., "The Lafourche District in 1861-1862: A Problem in Local Defense." Louisiana History, March, 1960. Meyer, Milton M., "The Postal Service of the Confederacy." Virginia Cavalcade , Winter, 1959. Monroe, Haskell, "Men without Law: Federal Raiding in Liberty County, Georgia." Georgia Historical Quarterly, June, 1960. Oates, Stephen B., "The Prairie Grove Campaign, 1862." Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Summer, 1960. Scheiber, Harry N., "The Pay of Troops and Confederate Morale in the Trans-Mississippi West." Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Winter, 1959. Stubbs, Jane, "Virginians Run the Sea Blockade." Virginia Cavalcade, Spring 1960. WmTE, William W., "Mississippi Confederate Veterans Seek Political Appointments , 1876-1900." Mississippi Quarterly, Winter, 1959-1960. UNION Atkinson, J. H., "The Action at Prairie De Ann." Arkansas Historical Quarterly , Spring, 1960. Baker, Ward, "Mishawake and Its Volunteers, Fort Sumter through 1861." Indiana Magazine of History, June, 1960. Civil War Articles441 Bearrs, Edwin C, "From Rolla to Fayetteville with General Curtis." Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Autumn, 1960. ----------, "Grierson's Winter Raid on the Mobile and Ohio Railroad." Military Affairs, Spring, 1960. Beasley, Bob, "The Graybeards [37th Iowa Infantry] ." The lowan, AugustSeptember , 1960. Brinks, Herbert, "The Effect of the Civü War in 1861 on Michigan Lumbering and Mining Industries." Michigan History, March, 1960. EiSENDRATH, Joseph L., Jr., "Chicago's Camp Douglas." Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, Spring, 1960. Luthin, Reinhard H., "Waving the Bloody Shirt: Northern Political Tactics in Post-Civü War Times." The Georgia Review, Spring, 1960. Richards, Ira Don, "The Engagement at Marks' Mill." Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Spring, 1960. Stern, Joseph S. Jr., "The Siege of Cincinnati." Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, July, 1960. Williams, Frederick...


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