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  • Recent Dissertations
BRIGGMAN, ANTHONY A. (Ph.D. 2009, Marquette University) The Theology of the Holy Spirit according to Irenaeus of Lyons Adviser: Michel Barnes
CARVALHO, BRUNO (Ph.D. 2009, Harvard University) New City in a New World: Literary Spaces of an Afro-Jewish Brazilian Neighborhood Adviser: Nicolau Sevcenko
COHEN, MICHELLE AMY (Ph.D. 2009, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Delving into the Ruins: The AMIA Bombing, the Struggle for Justice, and the Negotiation of Jewish Belonging in Argentina Advisers: Marisol de la Cadena; Dorothy Holland
DINELLA, HARRY D. (D.A. 2009, George Mason University) The Holocaust in Northern Greece: The War against the Sephardic Jews of Thessaloniki Adviser: Lenore J. Weitzman
DORON, DANIELLA (Ph.D. 2009, New York University) In the Best Interest of the Child: Family, Youth, and Identity among Postwar French Jews, 1944-1954 Advisers: Marion Kaplan; Mary Nolan
FRIEDMAN, JULIE (Ph.D. 2009, City University of New York) Milestones without Mothers: How Young Jewish Women Regrieve While Celebrating Adviser: Elizabeth A. Danto
GARDNER, GREGG ELLIOT (Ph.D. 2009, Princeton University) Giving to the Poor in Early Rabbinic Judaism Adviser: Peter Schäfer
GOLDSWORTHY, PATRICIA MARIE (Ph.D. 2009, University of California. Irvine) Colonial Negatives: The Prohibition and Commodification of Photography in Sharifian and French Morocco Advisers: Daniel Schroeter; Sarah B. Farmer
JANECZKO, JEFFREY MATTHEW (Ph.D. 2009, University of California, Los Angeles) "Beyond Klezmer": Redefining Jewish Music for the Twenty-First Century Adviser: Timothy Rice
KATZ, ETHAN B. (Ph.D. 2009, University of Wisconsin, Madison) Jews and Muslims in the Shadow of Marianne: Conflicting Identities and Republican Culture in France (1914-1975) Advisers: Laird Bowell; David Sorkin
KENSKY, MEIRA Z. (Ph.D. 2009, University of Chicago) Trying Man, Trying God: The Divine Courtroom in Early Jewish and Christian Literature Adviser: Hans-Josef Klauck
KLAYMAN, SETH NATHANIEL (Ph.D. 2008, Duke University) Sukkot from the Tanakh to Tannaitic Texts: Exegetical Traditions, Emergent Rituals, and Eschatological Associations Adviser: Eric M. Meyers
LAINER-VOS, DAN (Ph.D. 2008, Columbia University) Nationalism in Action: The Construction of Irish and Zionist Transatlantic National Networks Adviser: Gil Eyal
LAWRENCE, BEATRICE J. W. (Ph.D. 2009, Emory University) Jethro and Jewish Identity: Identity Negotiation in Jewish Biblical Interpretation Adviser: Walter Wilson
LEONG, JEREMY (Ph.D. 2009, University of Wisconsin, Madison) A Study of German Perspectives: Musical Contributions of Three Chinese Scholars and Jewish Immigrants in Republican China Adviser: R. Anderson Sutton
LIBIN, NICOLE HEATHER (Ph.D. 2009, University of Calgary) The Choosing People: Constructing Jewish Buddhist Identity in America Adviser: Eliezer Segal
MATLOCK, MICHAEL DAVID (Ph.D. 2009, Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion) Traditions of Prose Prayer in Early Jewish Literature Adviser: Stephen A. Kaufman
MITILINEOS, FRANCES HOWARD (Ph.D. 2009, Loyola University Chicago) English Convivencia: Aspects of Christian-Jewish Cooperation in Medieval England, 1189-1290 Adviser: Barbara H. Rosenwein
MOEN, INGRID JOHANNA (Ph.D. 2009, Duke University) Marriage and Divorce in the Herodian Family: A Case Study of Diversity in Late Second Temple Judaism Adviser: Eric M. Meyers
MURPHY, MEREDITH CHATTMAN (Ph.D. 2009, Alliant International University, Los Angeles) Measuring Internalized Anti-Semitism in Jewish Americans: Scale Development and Validation Adviser: Ellin Bloch
PETERSON, SANDRA RUBINSTEIN (Ph.D. 2008, University of Missouri, Columbia) "One Heart, Many Souls": The National Council of Jewish Women and Identity Formation in St. Louis, 1919-1950 Adviser: Catherine Rymph
POLLOCK, WENDY (Ed.D. 2009, Teachers College, Columbia University) Educational Experiences of Jewish Adult Child Survivors of the Holocaust Adviser: Frances Schoonmaker
PREISS, DEVORAH (Ed.D. 2009, Teachers College, Columbia University) Meaning-Making in Prayer: A Model for the Use of Collaborative Constructivist Technology for Spiritual Engagement Advisor: Robert McClintock
RATZMAN, ELLIOT ASHLEY (Ph.D. 2009, Princeton University) At the Common Altar: Political Messianism, Practical Ethics, and Post-War Jewish Thought Adviser: Leora Batnitzky
RHETT, MARYANNE AGNES (Ph.D. 2008, Washington...

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