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NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS Roy Andrew Miller is professor of Asian languages and literature at the University of Washington. Among his published works are The Japanese Language and Japanese and the Other Altaic Languages. James B. Palais is associate professor of Korean history at the University of Washington. He is author of Politics and Policy in Traditional Korea. Frank Baldwin teaches Korean history and politics in the School of Area Studies, University of Tsukuba. He is the editor of Without Parallel: The American-Korean Relationship Since 1945 and the memoirs of Harold Joyce Noble, Embassy at War. Bruce Cumings is assistant professor of Korean politics in the School of International Studies, University of Washington, and is author of Origins of the Korean War, Princeton University Press, forthcoming. Vincent Brandt has been a research associate at Harvard University in Korean anthropology and is author of A Korean Village: Between Farm and Sea. Vipin Chandra is assistant professor of history at Wheaton College. He recently completed a doctoral dissertation at Harvard University on the Independence Club. ...


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