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Book Reviews349 navy were more to be endured than enjoyed. Never robust and always plagued with colds and other ailments, Cushing developed severe back pains and, after a short period of confinement, died on December 17, 1875. He was thirty-two years old and an "old salt" in the best traditions of the United States Navy. Cushing's life reads like adventure fiction. Without once resorting to sensational reporting, the authors have mirrored the exuberance and enthusiasm of the man who could match a romantic and dauntless spirit with the best the Confederates had to offer. Arnold Gates Garden City, New York. BOOKS RECEIVED Abernethy, Byron R., ed. Private Elisha StockweU, Jr. Sees the Civil War. (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. 1958. Pp. xiii, 210. $3.75.) Adams, E. D. Great Britain and the American Civil War. 2 volumes in one. (New York: Russell and Russell. No date. Pp. Vol. I, xi, 307; Vol. II, vii, 340. $10.00.) Anderson, John Q. A Texas Surgeon in the C. S. A. ("Confederate Centennial Studies," No. 6; Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Confederate Publishing Company. 1957. Pp. 123. $4.00.) Bloch, J. M. Miscegenation, Melaleukation, and Mr. Lincoln's Dog. (New York: Schaum Publishing Company. 1958. Pp. 69. No price indicated.) Cunningham, H. H. Doctors in Gray: The Confederate Medical Service. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. 1958. Pp. xi, 339. $6.00.) Haskell, Frank A. The Battle of Gettysburg. Edited by Bruce Carton. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1958. Pp. xviii, 169. $350.) Jordan, Weymouth T. Rebels in the Making: Planters' Conventions and Southern Propaganda. ("Confederate Centennial Studies," No. 7; Tuscaloosa , Alabama: Confederate Publishing Company. 1958. Pp. 135. $4.00.) Lincoln, Abraham. Speeches and Letters. Introduction by Paul M. Angle. ("Everyman's Library," No. 206; New York: E. P. Dutton and Company . 1957. p. xiii, 300. No price indicated.) Sorrel, G. Moxley. Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer. Edited by Bell I. Wiley. (Jackson, Tennessee: McCowat-Mercer Press. 1958. Pp. xxii, 322. $5.00.) Stern, Philip Van Doren. An End to Valor: The Last Days of thfi Civil War. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1958. Pp. xi, 418. $5.75.) Tilley, John Shipley. Lincoln Takes Command. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. 1941. Pp. xxxvii, 334. $5.00.) Notes & Queries EDITED BY BOYD B. STUTLER 517 Main Street Charleston, West Virginia Mr. Stutler himself suggested that we omit his "Notes & Queries" from this longer-than-usual issue so that we could include within the covers of one number as many as possible of the unique and distinctive contributions on Civil War music that scholars and experts from all over the United States have prepared for it. "Notes & Queries" will again appear in December . kyiblr y&M *»#';¡ ? 350 ...


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