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Book Reviews101 these selections there should be no quarrel. He includes Faulkner's The Unvanquished , which should be supported by the early chapters of Sartoris concerning the fatal escapade of Lieutenant Bayard Sartoris; who forfeited his life for a romantic gesture, in contrast to the deliberate search for self-destruction on the part of his younger namesake after the first World War. As to MacKinlay Kantor, Mr. Lively seems to be unaware of the existence of AndersonviUe, but he nominates Long Remember—a good choice and the best fictional account of Gettysburg to date. With regard to James Lane Allen (The Sword of Youth), Caroline Gordon (None Shall Look Back), Ross Lockridge (Raintree County), Allen Tate (The Fathers), and Stark Young(So Red the Rose), I have serious misgivings. Perhaps the "best" selections should be reduced to five or ten at the most. Of the thirty "representative" novels, I note with pleasure Hervey Allen's Action at Aquih, James Boyd's Marching On, Winston Churchill's The Crisis, Mary Johnston's The Long Roll (which should be supplemented by its sequel, Cease Firing), Joseph Hergesheimer's The Limestone Tree, and Edgar Lee Masters ' The Tide of Time. Again there are notable omissions, as well as the inclusion of dubious works, but Mr. Lively's preferences are not mine, and his adroit handling of the total problem makes his volume a desirable acquisition in the collector 's formidably increasing list of Civil War materials. CHARLES T. MILLER Iowa City, Iowa. Books Received Craven, Avery. The Coming of the Civil War. Second Edition, revised. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1957. Pp. xi, 491. $5.00. ) Durden, Robert F. James Shepherd Pike: Republicanism and the American Negro, 1850-1882. (Durham: Duke University Press. 1957. Pp. ix, 249. $5.00.) Hassler, Warren W., Jr. General George B. McClellan: Shield of the Union. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. 1957. Pp. xvi, 350. S6.00.) Horn, Stanley F. The Decisive Battle of Nashville. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. 1956. Pp. xvi, 181. $3.00. ) Lively, RobertA. Fiction Fightsthe CivilWar. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. 1957. Pp. viii, 230. $5.00. ) Reviewed in this issue. O'Neill, Charles. Wild Train: The Story of the Andrews Raiders. (New York: Random House. 1956. Pp. xvii, 482. $6.00.) ...


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