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The Natchez MilitanWALTER STANLEY The stirring notes of the rolling drum Awaken the brave again; So wave a kiss to your friends and home, And away to the battle-plain. Our trade is war, and we do not care How quickly the summons come; To meet the foe we will gaily go, To the sound of the fife and drum. The fierce invader and all his band, With his grove of shining steel May never rule where our sires died By his cannon's thundering peal. We never knelt at the gory shrine Of the fierce and cruel Mars; But we draw the sword for our firesides, And gaily march to the war. And there on the field of death and doom Our banner shall proudly wave, Or we, who fight for the sunny South Will sleep in the honor'd grave. Now let us be faithful, bold, and true And Heaven will bless us still; And so good-bye to our homes and friends, And Natchez on the Hill. —Natchez Free Trader 40 ...


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