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The British Lion and the Secession Ass A SHORT FABLE. A lion was sitting upon his high throne, The mantled monarch of forest and glen; And the gleam of his diadem brightly shone, And the roar of his might reechoed again. A donkey at distance, harked to the roar, And erecting his ears from habitual flop; With ravishment spurred, full madly he tore To the foot of the throne, an obeisance to drop. "Oh! Graciously deign a poor ass to permit The tip of thy paw with his mouth to salute; But if honor so high may not seem to be fit, Oh! grant him at least a kiss of thy foot." A comical smile benignantly strayed, As from under the purple, right royally woven, To osculate freely the foot was displayed, By Manassas! ye asses, the foot it was cloven! Baltimore American 130 ...


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