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Artemus Ward101 criticism was badly needed, and there is every evidence that Ward took seriously his role as a critic of the American scene. His writings were widely read, and his constant pleas for sanity, common sense and moderation served as a much needed antidote to the fanaticism and hysteria of the Civil War era. Although it is useless to deny, in the face of his strong political partisanship and his attitude toward the negro, that he was bigoted and intolerant on some issues, it likewise cannot be denied that more often than not he attempted to be genuinely fair and objective in his judgments. It is true, of course, that as a literary figure Artemus Ward will be remembered primarily as a humorist, but it should not be forgotten that his role as a critic of his times was far from an insignificant one. WISDOM AT ROANOKE A couplet slightly changed will show Why Burnside lost his boastful foe; "He that is Wise can run away, And live to fight another day." ONE CONSOLATION The rebels mourn a sad defeat, That might have been completer: For Burnside, though he has a fleet, Must yield to Wise as fleeter! ...


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