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NOTES AND QUERIES Edited by Boyd B. Stutler 517 Main Street Charleston, West Virginia This department is designed as an open forum for researchers into Civil War themes and for readers of Civil War History in general. It is open for questions on, and discussions of, phases of the Great Conflict and its personnel. Also, we welcome notes on newly discovered, Uttle known, or other sideUghts of the war. Contributions are invited; address Notes and Queries Editor, 517 Main Street, Charleston, West Virginia. QUERIES No. 80—Propaganda Letter Attributed to Lincoln: A letter said to have been written and signed by President Lincoln circulated widely among the reform press (especially the PopuUst) during the latter part of the last century. This letter, apparently rejected, does not appear in the standard collection of Lincoln's works, Roy P. Basler's The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, and therefore suggests that it either is a forgery or has been suppressed. The version given here appeared in The National Economist Almanac (Washington, 1890), in which the claim was made that it was written by Lincoln in answer to a letter from a friend in Illinois: Yes, we can all congratulate ourselves that this cruel war is drawing to a close. It has cost a vast amount of treasury and blood. The best blood of the flower of American youth has been freely offered upon our country's altar that the nation might live. It has indeed been a trying hour for the republic, but I see in the near future a crisis arising which unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power of the country wiU endeavor to prolong its range by working upon the prejudices of the people until aU wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed. I feel at this time more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of the war. God grant that my fears wiU prove groundless. Query: Can anyone tell something about this letter: its origin, if spuri450 ous, and, if known, its first appearance as a political propaganda piece? Stephen E. Ambrose No. 81—Record of Hugh M. Beckwith, Texas Secessionist: I am trying to trace the career of one Hugh M. (N.) Beckwith, Texas secessionist, whom the army made a special attempt to capture at El Paso and Mesilla in the late summer of 1862. Beckwith was charged specifically with conspiring against the United States; at some time between 1862 and 1864 he was indicted for treason. In letters that passed between Colonel Joseph R. West, commanding at MesiUa, and Major WiUiam McMuUen, there is a suggestion that Beckwith had been captured but had escaped. Query: Does any one know about Beckwith, particularly the details of his charged treasonable offense? Philip J. Rasch No. 82—Civil War Medal, Ohio Origin: I have a Civil War medal apparently of Ohio origin which I am not able to identify. It is sUgbtly larger than a half doUar, made by the Tiffany Company, New York, and apparently was awarded to a soldier of the 39th Ohio Infantry. The design on the obverse is: Figure of woman, representingpeace or victory, honoring a soldier, and in the background is the seal of the state of Ohio. At the bottom are the dates, "1861-1865," and at the top there is a loop for a small chain to be attached. The inscription on the reverse is: "The State of Ohio to Jas. Rockwell. Veteran, Co. A, 39th Regt Ohio Volunteer Inft," which is encircled by a wreath. Query: Can anyone identify this medal for me, giving date and authority for issue? Eugene M. Smalley No. 77—Did Any Confederate Outfit Wear Kilts? In reply to Pipe Major David Dare Brown's query (June, 1961), W. A. GoS, of Kansas City, Kansas, writes: "The Charleston, South CaroUna,. MiUtia Highland Company had a pipe band which dressed in black bonnet (not Glengarry), with red and white checked band; red jacket piped with...


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