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Contributors' Index


Aston, Elaine. "Feeling the Loss of Feminism: Sarah Kane's Blasted and an Experiential Genealogy of Contemporary Women's Playwriting." 575-591.
Barrow, Rosemary. "Toga Plays and Tableaux Vivants: Theatre and Painting on London's Late-Victorian and Edwardian Popular Stage." 209-226.
Beggs, Anne. "'For Urinetown is your town . . .': The Fringes of Broadway." 41-56.
Brater, Jessica, et al. "'Let Our Freak Flags Fly': Shrek the Musical and the Branding of Diversity." 151-172.
Cullingford, Elizabeth. "Evil, Sin, or Doubt? The Dramas of Clerical Child Abuse." 245-263.
Filipowicz, Halina. "Re-Envisioning Solidarity: History, Agency, and the Politics of Performance." 333-347.
Freedman, John. "Contemporary Russian Drama: The Journey from Stagnation to a Golden Age." 389-420.
Friedman, Sharon. "The Gendered Terrain in Contemporary Theatre of War by Women." 593-610.
Holmgren, Beth. "The Art of Playing Patriot: The Polish Stardom of Helena Modjeska." 349-371.
Hutchison, Yvette. "The 'Dark Continent' Goes North: An Exploration of Intercultural Theatre Practice through Handspring and Sogolon Puppet Companies' Production of Tall Horse." 57-73.
Kattelman, Beth A. "Magic, Monsters, and Movies: America's Midnight Ghost Shows." 23-39.
Kelly, Katherine E. "Making the Bones Sing: The Feminist History Play, 1976-2010." 645-660.
Kim, Ju Yon. "Trying on The Yellow Jacket: Performing Chinese Exclusion and Assimilation." 75-92.
Kraut, Anthea. "'Stealing Steps' and Signature Moves: Embodied Theories of Dance as Intellectual Property." 173-189.
Kritzer, Amelia Howe. "Enough! Women Playwrights Confront the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict." 611-626.
Selaiha, Nehad, with Sarah Enany. "Women Playwrights in Egypt." 627-643.
Sikes, Alan W. "Politics and Pornography: Czech Performance in the International Arena." 373-387.
Vogel, Shane. "Jamaica on Broadway: The Popular Caribbean and Mock Transnational Performance." 1-21.
Woolf, Brandon. "Negotiating the 'Negro Problem': Stew's Passing (Made) Strange." 191-207.
Zamir, Tzachi. "Watching Actors." 227-243.

Special Issue on Contemporary Women Playwrights: Forum Essays

Catanese, Brandi Wilkins. "Taking the Long View." 547-551.
Crosby, Julie. "It's All About You: The March Toward Parity in the American Theatre." 571-574.
De Angelis, April. "Troubling Gender on Stage and with the Critics." 557-559.
Diamond, Elin. "We Keep Living." 521-527.
Dolan, Jill. "Making a Spectacle, Making a Difference." 561-565.
Filloux, Catherine. "Hair on a Ribbon That Got Away." 535-539.
Perkins, Kathy A., and Sandra L. Richards. "Black Women Playwrights in American Theatre." 541-545.
Reinelt, Janelle. "Creative Ambivalence and Precarious Futures: Women in British Theatre." 553-556.
Rosenberg, Tiina. "Still Angry after All These Years, or Valerie Solanas under Your Skin." 529-534.
Schulman, Sarah. "Supremacy Ideology Masquerading as Reality: The Obstacle Facing Women Playwrights in America." 567-570.
Svich, Caridad. "A Dream of Making." 511-514.
Thompson, Judith. "That Stinking Hot Summer." 505-510. [End Page 713]
Yan, Haiping. "Turning Points: Women Playwrights in Contemporary China." 515-519.


Klavdiev, Yury. I Am the Machine Gunner. John Freedman, trans. 443-450.
Pulinovich, Yaroslava. The Natasha Plays: Natasha's Dream and I Won. John Freedman, trans. 421-442.

Performance Reviews

Bennett, Michael Y. Waiting for Godot. Samuel Beckett. 110-111.
Boyd, Johnathon D. Gin & "It." Reid Farrington. 685-686.
Calder, David. Kill the Old Torture Their Young. David Harrower. 288-290.
Case, Claudia Wilsch. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Alex Timbers and Michael Friedman. 459-460.
Chambers, Jonathan. The Pee-wee Herman Show. Paul Reubens, Bill Steinkellner, and John Paragon. 454-457.
Chansky, Dorothy. Smudge. Rachel Axler. 664-666.
Cherry, James M. FABRIK: The Legend of M. Rabinowitz. Wakka Wakka Productions, Inc. 108-110.
Chirico, Miriam. Compulsion. Rinne Groff. 472-474.
Colbert, Soyica D. The Book of Grace. Suzan-Lori Parks. 666-668.
Connick, Rob. WWE Raw: Road to Summerslam. World Wrestling Entertainment. 118-120.
———. WWE Raw Live. World Wrestling Entertainment. 118-120.
Decker, Pamela. Romeo and Juliet. Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper. 681-683.
Dekker, Nicholas John. Panic. Improbable. 111-113.
———. Story of a Rabbit. Hugh Hughes and Aled Williams. 111-113.
Earnest, Steve. Addicted to Bad Ideas: Peter Lorre's 20th Century. World/Inferno Friendship Society. 114-116.
———. Good Cop Bad Cop. Kassys Theatre Initiative. 114-116.
———. Don John. Kneehigh Theatre Company. 114-116.
Evans, Rachel. Little House on the Prairie, The Musical...


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