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Conversations With Willard Van Dyke Produced by Amalie Rothschild . white, 58 minutes . 1981, color and black & encom Di re c he pr Ameri retro depre provi the ? f i 1 mm years Westo Pare i ? a b i work tenur photo serve serve Joris compl extre surf a s u ? ? 1 do eu m quest movem film 1 e a ? i on th insta trip d i s i 1 pol i t f i 1 mm of th Though passed tor of obably can do s ? e c t i eating des a al ues aker . Conver Willard Van Dyke's mul ti -faceted career still photography, film teaching, and a stint as the Film Department at the Museum of Modern Art, is best known for his involvement in the cumentary film movement. Amalie Rothschild's ve of his career examines his gently, selfimpressions of his professional life and thereby lively, if regretably incomplete, insight into and beliefs of a key American documentary as ap ? , his Lorent 1 i ty t with L e at t graphy d as c to il I vens ement me Iy w ce , at ementa entary The pr ions a en t ar negl ec ngs of e ? o i ? nee, ? to the usionm i cal Iy akers . e reas sations With Willard Van Dyke cove ograph ntary t Worl il ms," nd, un his re i ver ( prentice subsequ ? and Ra 0 make s owel 1 Th he Museu Gener ameraman 1 us trate , Ralph Van Dyke el 1-edit 1 east, 1 m a te ri film, imary pr bout Van e ignore t s the i Van Dyk t of vie o ment i o U. S. S. R e ? t with moderat Li kewi ons for to fame ent work lph Stei atisfyin ornas and m of Mod ous clip ), The C his dis Steiner, 's comme ed, ente it would al for a d stil with ner , h g "pro CBS N ern Ar s from ity, V 1 phot( documei is pos blem f ews, ai t and The Ral ley ti net i Donal nts I r tai ni seem class ve sty d Rich ? gene ng and to be on th Town, I an t Ie. ie, ral , i nf or useful e hist oblem Dyke dor ntere e and w of ? i s . whi comm e tha se , h his d wi th ' s car left u sting his c these made o eh app uni sm t othe is own epartu the fi eer an nanswe q u e s t i ol 1 eag c 1 a s s i f Van arentl and re r prom comme re i ? Im is tha d the doc red. In on of the ues, a ? a c documen Dyke's mi y caused sul ted in inent doc nts give the late rs his early er, Edward filmmakers like d War II his television timately, his turn to still on which he and others nterviews with d others he film is mative; on the as ory of t so many umentary particular, the pol i ti cal tural influence taries. For d - th i r t i e s ' hi s his being more umentary no indication thirties from 93 the radie an import Dyke's fa knowl edge decision the f i Im. that Van his still to the i ? experimen consi dera or histor Ameri can From With Will a 1 F r ? ? t i e ant part, vori te wor of hi s ca to release Conversa r Film Dur i ? k, Val reer 1 a rev tions s org g the ley T anization lengthy own, the ongs ised, With for some more res Wi Hard V eff ecti ve 1 imi^atio ul ti'matel Dyke's ein photograp fluence th tal filmma bly weaken i an di scus documentar a cinemat ard Van Dy editing i ns, is a w y charming em at i c hy bac e Germ kers h s the sing V y move i o poi ke i s ? a d orthwh fi 1...


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