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THE RETURN OF ORPHEUS / Jorge Teillier (1935- ) —Translated by Carolyne Wright In memoriam Rosamel del Valle The white blood of a cherry tree was the announcement of new doors. You went away along with winter that with its lamp untangles the roots and makes the dreams of ancestors come forth. You travel along with winter, with squirrels and birds of snow that always recaU your hands feeding them in transparent parks. Spring wanted to keep you so you would dedpher one more time the hieroglyphics of its branches. Spring promised in vain the orange tree of chUdhood in the courtyard of cement or it turned your cup of wine to a vineyard. Already time had written "death" with Invisible ink. You read its letters knowing that every morning one must bid fareweU to death saying "Till tomorrow." "—Your death or mine—you said—wUl be Uke the acddental toppUng-over of a lamp." Now winter has picked up this lamp and Ughts you on your journey of return toward the very depths of night far from where the light could reach you. The Missouri Review · 125 ...


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