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AN IMPORTANCE OF PLACE / Don Keck DuPree Compound, retinal, therefore agaric—Boston Town Hall lords above Faneuü and Quincy Market; its steps arpeggiating between Streets toward flags in the Plaza above. Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November; now January grunts a close, Seventy times seven long turns since corks And streamers and midnight revel . . . Around below the State House, a Nativity Shed stands battened ready for storage, vacant As Swanboats on the frozen Common. Where We went in this damascene twiUght could have Been Ireland, Charles Street, The Sevens, a scrim Of paisley smoke above our heads and stout Around for all. GasUghts sure along outside. Journeys despair discovery. Consider those who Wintered first this land: Had they known Back across before what they learned here, Would they have come? Would we who know have warned? After is the time never reached. A day's Pleasure ends, never extends. We salute Even unto the afters that never are And covenant time, this meaty thirst for stout. 274 · The Missouri Review ...


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