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CONTRIBUTORS POETRY Deb Allbery received an MFA from the Iowa Writers Workshop. Jack Barrack lives in Middletown, Conn. Ginger Bingham is originally from Columbus, Georgia, where she has recently completed a Master of Arts in Creative Writing. Karen Fish has published in numerous magazines including The New Yorker. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins. David Groff has published in several magazines including APR. Andrew Hudgins has published his poetry and reviews in a wide variety of magazines. Philip Levine's Selected Poems is forthcoming from Atheneum. Michael Milburn lives in Belmont, Massachusetts. Eric Pankey has poems forthcoming in The Kenyon Review, The Literary Review, and The Kansas Quarterly. Ira Sadoff's most recent collection is Palm Reading in Winter. Gary Soto is the author of three books of poetry and he teaches at the University of California, Berkeley. Stephen Tapscott teaches at M.LT. His book of poems is Mesopotamia. Jeanie Thompsonhas newworkappearinginFiction International, Ploughshares , and Crazyhorse. Her chapbook is Loiws and Psalm. FICTION John Helton, Jr. is a student at the University of Texas, Austin. This is his first publication. Barry Targan has won numerous awards and is the author of several books including Kingdoms and Surviving Adverse Seasons. Dan Thrapp has stories appearing soon is MSS and Puerto del Sol. ESSAYS Cleanth Brooks' Brick Series lectures will be published in a singlevolume this summer by The Missouri Review. Jonathan Cohen has recently written a critical history of the English translations of Neruda's poetry. His own translations appear in Ernesto Cardenal's Zero Hour and Enrique Lihn's The DarkRoom, both published by New Directions. The Missouri Review · 209 Nancy Shields Hardin has published interviews with Margaret Drabble, Tom Stoppard and Kobo Abe. Her book on the works of Kobo Abe is forthcoming. Jerome Klinkowitz is the author of several critical books, including Literary Disruptions: TheMaking ofa Post-ContemporaryAmerican Fiction. John Wain who lives in Oxford, England, is a novelist, poet, critic, biographer, and dramatist. Among his recent workis the novel Young Shoulders. 210 · The Missouri Review ...


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