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A Note from the Editor As it looks forward to its seventh year, the Missouri Review retains its humble mandate to publish the best stories, poems, interviews, and essays that find theirwaytous, regardless ofthe reputation orlackofit of those who write them. At the same time, the magazine is making some changes. Our nonfiction prose in the future will include occasional and personal essays, with no limits regarding subject matter, although we will favor essays that relate in some way to the world of literary culture. Our only absolute criterion of judgment is "Is it interesting?" That same broadening of subject applies to interviews. In the future we shall run more conversations like that with Louise Brooks in this issue. Upcoming features in the magazine will be announced in an editor's preface each issue. Next year features will include the following subjects: Little magazine history; confessions by academics who write detective fiction; a special on that brainiest of new approaches to literature, deconstructionism; and an entire issue dedicated to the kinds of novels that are not getting published in New York and Boston these days. Beginning with this issue we are also opening the magazine to that most sophisticated of literary forms, the cartoon. SM I ve BEEN ACCUStO OG BEING AN INTELLECTUAL THANK GOD PAT MlV ...


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