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  • To the Editors
  • Stephen F. Cohen

A bit of nonsense posing as trendy thought occasionally appears in Kritika, but this one, in your editorial in the Fall 2010 issue, truly astonishes: "the vast majority of tenured academics in our field were trained in the Soviet era. After 1991, the country they studied became almost unrecognizable."1

Neither I nor Kritika editors know what "the vast majority" of our colleagues think, but I never met a serious scholar in the field who had trouble recognizing Russia before and after 1991 as more or less the same country. That Kritika editors seem to have had trouble doing so raises the question: what country were they studying before and after the Soviet Union ended? [End Page 269]

Stephen F. Cohen
Professor of Russian Studies and History
New York University
New York, NY 10012 USA
Professor of Politics emeritus
Princeton University


1. "When Does History End?" Kritika 11, 4 (2010): 697–700, here 698.



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