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  • Marc RaeffA Bibliography (1993–2008)
  • Molly Molloy (bio)

This bibliography of the works of Professor Marc Raeff (1923–2008), a continuation of three previously published bibliographies, lists his publications from 1993 until 2008.1 It is based on notes and offprints from his papers but also includes items I found while searching periodicals and online databases.2 Each item has been examined and described de visu, cited exactly as it appears in the original publication. Brackets indicate where data has been supplied, such as page numbers, and to indicate alternate forms of Raeff's name. In most cases, periodical numbers are given in Arabic rather than in Roman numerals. Under each year, his original works are listed before reviews, which are in alphabetical order of the author's or editor's name.

Reprints and translations have not been included in the bibliography, except for collections of previously published articles. Thus Raeff's major work, Rossiia za rubezhom, a translation of Russia Abroad, does not appear here. Mention of his advisory role in such works as Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment and his lifelong dedicated involvement on the editorial board of Novyi zhurnal is not included. It is hoped that reprints and translations can be included in a future compilation of all of Professor Raeff's work. [End Page 141]

I am most grateful to Edward Kasinec, research scholar at the Harriman Institute at Columbia University and curator emeritus of the Slavic and Baltic Division of The New York Public Library, and my colleague and mentor at the University of California, Berkeley, who started me on this project 30 years ago. His assistance in locating and listing Professor Raeff's publications and his encouragement over the years have been invaluable in this collaborative effort. I would also like to express my appreciation of my colleagues and friends, Harry Leich, the Russian Area Specialist of the Library of Congress, and especially to Jean Dickinson, Slavic Cataloger at the University of California, Berkeley, who carefully read and offered suggestions for this bibliography. Thanks also to my other Slavic colleagues, including Robert H. Davis, Jr., Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies Librarian at Columbia, who have also helped me in my quest to document the prodigious activity of this preeminent historian.


AHR – American Historical Review

CMRS – Cahiers du monde russe et soviétique

JGO – Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas

JMH – Journal of Modern History

NZh – Novyi zhurnal

RR – Russian Review

SR – Slavic Review


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2. Editor. "Lev Shestov. Materialy Bakhmetevskogo arkhiva," Evrei v kul´ture russkogo zarubezh´ia: sbornik statei, publikatsii, memuarov i ėsse. Vyp. 2. 1919–1939gg. Added title: Jews in the Culture of Russia Abroad: Collected Articles, Memoirs, Publications and Essays. Also member of editorial board. Series compiled and edited by M. Parkhomovskii. Ierusalem: M. Parkhomovskii. Pp.100–121. [End Page 142]
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7. Review: "Das russische Theater in Berlin, 1919–1931. By Michaela Böhmig. Arbeiten und Texte zur Slavistik, Vol. 49. Munich: Otto Sagner, 1990...


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